The Bethany General Fund Checking Register and the Sugar Creek Receipt will be posted on the Bethany News Bulletin Board by entry way. 

B - I - N - G - O

 July 17th

*** You can donate prizes to the Bingo Basket, if you want. Hope to see and hear you on the 17th!
Prayers of Concern 
Prayers of Health
and others who are struggling with their wellness.

Prayers for military members and their families. Prayers of concern for Eastern Europe.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.
June 2022 Celebrations

Beathany Birthdays
Lori Esser - 26
ShyAnna Sletten - 30
East Lemonweir Birthdays
Nathan Bowen - 26
Brandon Kiel - 26

July 2022 Celebrations
Bethany Birthdays
Terri Fish - 1
Michael Kirkwood - 5
Allison Gollmar - 6
Frances Benson - 9
Edna Hansen - 11
Gregory Shattuck - 11
Sandi Dvorak - 15
Willis Hutchins - 16
Brian Larson - 16
Larry Thome - 24
John Haleverson - 24
Riley Krizan - 24
Callie Bever - 29
Albert Bigalke - 31
Inger Kirkwood - 31
East Lemonweir Birthdays
Devin Doller - 3
Gary Stoughtenger - 10
Arthur Slater - 18
Cooper Stoughtenger - 20
Easton Stoughtenger - 20
Simone Arnold - 28
Bill Sarnow - 31
Bethany Anniversaries
Cody & Shanda Sletten - 3
Glen & Sandi Dvorak - 15
Trever & Morgan Reichhoff -21
Nick & Alicia Wyss - 27
Dennis & Sheila Stark - 28
East Lemonweir Anniversaries

Harold & Betty Johnson -9
If you have someone to add to our celebration list, please let Betty know. You may call her at 562-3807.  Thank you.
Contributed by Judy Zobal - Bethany W-ELCA President
So appreciated! Many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to the Recognition Brunch, Salad Luncheon and Purse Auction. We can celebrate and give thanks for these successful events.
The current sessions of our Bible Study is titled Crafted in Christ. This is the second session. Session one helped us consider the act of quilting as a metaphor for life. It considered how God gives us a healthy, holistic pattern for life that includes time for worship and rest and encourages us in the way of service and love. Session two focuses on the heart of the quilting metaphor: how we cut the fabric of our lives and piece blocks of our identities together. With guidance from Scripture, support from our communities and Jesus as our teacher, even in challenging times we can construct lives as beautiful and warm as any quilt.
Reminder: Bethany has their cookbooks and greeting cards available for sale.
Upcoming events:
July - Plans are in the making for a women's outing to visit a Lavender Farm near Baraboo. Please watch for notices and information so we can enjoy fellowship in this way.  August- A visit to our shut-ins.
A thought: Seen on a church sign: "No SPF need to spend time with the Son:.
East Lemonweir Lutheran Church Council did meet in June, but Connie is having a printer issue. Minutes will be posted in the August Beacon.



Bethany Lutheran Church Council did not meet in June. We will be meeting July 10, following worship.






Funeral Protocal
Bethany Luther Church, New Lisbon
(fees same for either members or non-members)
Pastor fee if not already billed through funeral home $150
Custodian services  $50
Building Use for Memorial Service only  $200
Building Use for a Funeral with a Catered Luncheon only, and Bethany will provide supplies such as coffee, paper products, cleaning supplies (Bethany will NOT provide people to be servers) $300









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