on Sunday, October 29th
in Fellowship Hall -
to follow our church service
Ways to help and/or participate:
Donate new or slightly used and in excellent condition (vases, baskets, baked good, services, etc.)
Please have donated items to church by Saturday, October 28th.
Take a look at the items, which will be located in the Fellowship Hall, and be here to bid on items that interest you.
***Monies raised will support BLC in increasing our Outreach Efforts.
Life Line Screening
Where: New Lisbon - Bethany Lutheran Church
When: Monday, October 30, 2023
4 screenings for $149.00
Carotid Artery Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysum and Peripheral Arterial Disease. 

To register for appointment and receive the special discount please call 1 800 640 6307 or visit LLSA.SOCIAL/HC




•All are welcome to Quilting, 9 am Wednesdays @ Bethany.
•6:30 PM AA meetings: Tuesday @ East, Thursday @ Bethany.
Bible Study at (9am Thursdays)
 Prayers of Concern 
Prayers for those who have loss loved ones. 
Prayers of Health
Barb and Jerry Kosharke (Deannna Smith)
John Gromola (Darrell Johnson)
Landon LaBerge 
Dave & Lynn Martin (Janenne Lingl's Brother & Sister-in-law)
Becky Bailey
Mickie (Patti Thompson)
Don Powell
Fran Benson
Dennis Stark
Shona (Betty Krotzman's niece)
 and others who are struggling with their wellness.

Prayers for military members and their families. Prayers of concern for Eastern Europe.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.
September 2023 Celebrations
Bethany Birthdays
Timothy Georgeson - 26
Morgan Reichhoff - 28
East Lemonweir Birthdays
Marlene Pelton - 28
Bethany Anniversaries
John & Rosie Halverson - 30
East Lemonweir Anniversaries
Roger & Dawn Nelson - 27
Arthur & Dorie Slater - 29
Bethany Birthdays
1- Carmen Heffler
3-Brantley Wyss
7-Susan Powell
9-Collette Schultz
18-Galen Lingl
20-Tess Bigalke
24-Christopher Faber
23-Angela Krizan
East Lemonweir Birthdays
12-Toni Stoughtenger
13-Lynn Ormson
Bethany Anniversaries
4-Ross & Angela Krizan
8-Don & Sue Powell
20-Mark & Debby Hansen
29-Doug & Sonja Haske
East Lemonweir Anniversary
2-Roger & Julie Onsager
If you have someone to add to our celebration list, please let Betty know. You may call her at 562-3807.  Thank you.

W-ELCA News (contributed by Judy Zobal – Bethany W-ELCA President)


Our mission statement: To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.


We had a productive W-ELCA meeting after church on Sept. 17th. Items discussed included labeling kitchen cupboards, Thankoffering, Cookies on Campus, changes for Rachel Circle and W-ELCA, events within our synod and upcoming events at Bethany. Bethany's W-ELCA is very close to our goal of $10,000 which will be used for much needed flooring in the sanctuary.

Over time, the number of circles at Bethany has decreased from 4 and currently there is one active circle which is Rachel. This is an open invitation to all women of the church that you are most welcome to join this circle which will be meeting at 4:00 p.m. in the church's conference room on the first Tuesday of every month. It is flexible, come when you can and stay as long as your schedule allows. However, we'd like everyone who can to give it a try. It involves fellowship, bible study and treats.

The October bible study speaks to holy places. It ponders what it means to seek and to find sanctuary as a place of holy presence and sacred refuge, how a sanctuary is connected to the human longing for closeness to God and for safety and security.

Please contact me if you're interested in representing Bethany W-ELCA at the Fall Renewal on Oct. 21st in Westby.

Our August visit to our shut-ins was a good day, for those who were visited and for those who were the visitors.

Upcoming Events: Bethany

Sun., Nov. 19th -Thankoffering

Sun., Dec. 3rd – assemble fruit-cookie baskets and W-ELCA meeting

Fri., Dec. 8th – Christmas Brunch – 10:00a.m.

Upcoming Events: Synod (please see me for more info)

Sat., Sept. 30-Bonnie Jensen, A Miracle Story: A Testimony of physical healing,

French Creek Luth. Church, Ettrick 8:45-11:45

Sun., Sept 24-th-Pancake Breakfast – Mindoro Lutheran Church 7:00-Noon

Sun., Oct. 1-Fashion Show, Living Hope Luth Church, Ettrick, 8:00-1:00

Sat., Oct. 7-Fall Bazaar, Peace Luth. Church, Readstown 10:00-1:00

Oct. 13-15-Women's Retreat – Sugar Creek

Sat., Oct. 21-Fall Renewal – Westby Coon Prairie Church 8:30-2:00

Sat., Oct. 21-Fall Bazaar – Bethel, LaCrosse

A thought: Lord, show me how to readiate Your joy in the presence of others. I want to be a light for You. Amen






Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Church Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Council Members present: Pastor Lucy Hardie, Mark Hansen, Karl Katuin, Michaele Korbein, Kathie Means, Inger Kirkwood, Betty Krotzman, Glenda Swinehart, Deanna Smith, Christy Toelle, Larry Thome

Council members absent: Shane Gesler

1. Call to Order: President Mark Hansen called the council meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.

2. Devotions: Karl Katuin provided devotions.

3. Secretary's Report: August 6, 2023 Council meeting minutes and August 13, 2023 Special Congregational meeting minutes were presented. Glenda Swinehart made a motion to accept the June 4, 2023 Council meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Kathie Means; motion passed 11-0. Christy Toelle made a motion, seconded by Karl Katuin, to accept the July 23, 2023 Special Congregational meeting minutes as presented; motion passed 11-0.

4. Treasurer's Report: August reconciled general checking report was presented. Also presented were a Statement of Financial Income and Expense and a Statement of Financial Position. Values will be inputted for the Position statement as was not done when the Quickbooks accounting program was implemented. Bills are current and paid. Monthly and Year-to-Date financial info has been included in the Beacon. Betty Krotzman made a motion to accept the August Treasurer's reports as presented, seconded by Inger Kirkwood; motion passed 11-0.

5. Pastor Report: Pastor will bring any info up during other areas on the agenda.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Education: This year's confirmation class consists of three students: Gracie Faber, Jude Keltner and Jasye Keltner. Curriculum consists of Old and new testaments, history, and how being a Lutheran fits into your life.

b. Evangelism: Nothing new.

c. Long Range Planning: It will be about two weeks before the contractor can get a lift here to finish the interior work on the skylight.

d. Property: Crowley Electric will begin work on parsonage electric around September 11. It was noted that the window frames in church basement need work.

e. Social Concerns: An appeal will be made to help fund the Thanksgiving baskets ministry. Scrip cards rebate is being discontinued.

f. Stewardship: The focus will be on the building.

g. Worship: We will begin using a new setting starting September 10 with Kyrie and all. Pastor Jim Arends will be minister for Sunday before Thanksgiving.

7. Old Business:

a. Portico Insurance: Information was previously emailed to all to review, plus several copies were available to review for Pastor's 2024 insurance. We have in the past gone with the Synod's guidelines of the Gold+ insurance policy. The cost has again risen -this time 2.5%, which is less than last year. We will need to report our choice to Portico, and the cost will be part of next year's budget. Christy Toelle made a motion to approve continuing with the Gold+ plan through Portico, seconded by Kathie Means; motion passed 11-0.

b. Auction Proceeds: Discussed use of any auction proceeds. In past years it has benefitted Property and Insurance. Larry Thome made a motion to allocate this year's auction proceeds to Outreach efforts, seconded by Christy Toelle; motion passed 11-0.

c. Parsonage Landline: Discussed keeping the landline phone at the parsonage to save costs. However, there may be a discount available for the parsonage phone for having multiple services through Lynxx there, as Pastor has their internet through Lynxx. This will be checked into.

9. Next Meeting: October 1 at 12 noon. Michaele Korbein will have devotions and Sunday announcements for the month of October.

10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Karl Katuin made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Glenda Swinehart; motion passed 11-0. The Lord's Prayer was prayed in closing. The meeting was adjourned at 12:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein, Council Secretary


Bethany August YTD

Offerings+other Income $18,604.71* $ 102,535.04*

Expenses $15,349.13 $ 111,816.85**

* includes East Lemonweir's donation toward the parsonage electric

and fence projects, plus the monthly budget reimbursement.

**includes roof payment + parsonage electric downpayment.

Amount needed monthly for only Bethany's part of the budget: $9,534.91



















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