East Lemonweir's
(Norwegian Pastries for sale, too!)
Saturday, October 29, 2022
10:30 am to 1:30 pm
Lunch $8.00 for adults $3.00 under 12   
Delicious Bakery items
Raffle items
Craft items
Napkins & Cards
Sponsored by the East Lemonweir W-ELCA
 Attention:  Bethany & Friends -
Mark you calendars!
Church Auction
on Sunday, October 30th
in Fellowship Hall -
to follow our church service
Ways you can help and/or participate:
1) Donate 1 or 2 items - can be new or slightly used in excellent condition (some ideas - vases, baskets, baked goods, home decor items, tools, gift certicate for a baked good or service, a basket of goodies; feel free to be creative with your donations.)
2) Please have donated items to church by Saturday, October 29th.
3) Take a look at the items, which will be located in the Fellowship Hall, and be here to bid on items that interest you.
**Monies raised will supporth the . . .
Roof Fund.
B - I - N - G - O




November 13th
following worship

*You can donate prizes to the Bingo Basket, if you want, Hope to see and hear you on the 13th!
Prayers of Concern 
Prayers for those who have loss loved ones.
Prayers of Health
and others who are struggling with their wellness.

Prayers for military members and their families. Prayers of concern for Eastern Europe.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.
Morgan Reichhoff - 28
East Lemonweir
John Pelton - 28
Marlene Pelton - 28
John & Rosie Halverson - 30
East Lemonweir
Roger & Dawn Nelson - 27
Arthur & Dorie Slater - 29
October Celebrations

East Lemonweir
Toni Stoughtenger - 12
Lynn Ormson - 13
Harold Johnson - 31
Nate Shipley -31
Roger & Julie Onsager - 2
William & Jennifer Sarnow - 2
Carmen Heffler - 1
Brantley Wyss - 3
Susan Powell - 3
Collette Schultz - 9
Galen Lingl - 18
Tess Bigalke - 20
Beverly Fritz - 24
Christopher Faber - 24
Anglea Krizan - 24
Ross & Angela Krizan - 4
Don & Sue Powell - 8
Mark & Debby Hansen - 20
Douglas & Sonja Haske - 29
November Celebrations
Donald Wetley - 4
Roger Onsager - 16
Patty Thompson - 18
Douglas Haske - 2
Tim Parker - 3
Karl Katuin - 7
Lisa Klinker - 11
Mary Gollmar - 12
Janenne Lingl - 14
Lynn Benson - 16
Nick Wyss - 20
Brad Bever - 21
Lilley Wyss - 23
Barbara Parker - 24
Sheila Stark - 24
Sonja Haske - 29

We do not have any anniversary celebrations for November.
If you have someone to add to our celebration list, please let Betty know. You may call her at 562-3807.  Thank you.
Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI
Special Congregational Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2022
1.  Call to Order:     Council President Mark Hansen called the meeting to order at 9:37am, immediately following worship. Thirty-eight voting members were present for this meeting. 
2.  Roofing:    Mark discussed the three roofing bids as received and presented to Council:  ES Construction- $52,800, Kickapoo Roofing -$139,949.70, and Jacobson Construction for $103,875.00. All three contractors are considered local. Lowest bid from ES was not considered. 
Kickapoo had the highest quality shingles. They noted the steeple pitch is 71 degrees. 
Jacobson added a $10,000 contingency, so their quote includes that; Kickapoo did not add any contingency.
Both contractors would remove the skylight; Jacobson would trim it out on the inside. 
Jacobson quoted putting gray siding on the end walls instead of shingles. 
Both contractors were asked about putting insulation on before the shingles to boost R-value in the roof;  both said it was not practical and there was no effective way to do that on the outside. 
Kickapoo has large crews working; Brent Jacobson will work with his subcontractor, Travis Jeffries. 
Jacobson will re-use downspouts but will have new gutters. Kickapoo would put on all new gutters/downspouts.
Both Jacobson and Kickapoo indicated the project would be completed yet this fall. 
Council was presented the bids August 14 and took a week to review the quotes. They met again August 21 to decide. Council voted to award the project to Jacobson Construction.
To finance the project, there is approximately $60,000 in the roofing fund to date and another $18,000 in memorials, mostly from Balgord and Hicks bequests. A $25,000 loan would be available from the Bank of Mauston for 6% for 5 years that could be paid off sooner. 
--Question:  Concerns with supply chains -are the shingles available and is the price locked in? Yes.
--Question:  When can Jacobson start? End of September and should take 2-3 weeks.
--Question:  What is the warranty on the shingles? 30 years.
--Question:  Shingle color? It will be a little darker gray than what we currently have.
--Question:  Since we do not want issues with ice dams after just replacing the roofing, can the ice dam issue be addressed while the roof has no shingles on it to properly fix the problem that is causing the ice dams in the valleys? Yes, there should be contingency available to do that.
Allan Rhea made a motion to approve the Jacobson Construction proposal and funding as discussed, seconded by Tim Parker; motion passed unanimously. 
3.  Adjourn:   Allan Rhea made a motion to adjourn seconded by Tim Parker; motion passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 9:54 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Michaele Korbein    
Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Church Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Council Members present: Mark Hansen, Galen Lingl, Michaele Korbein, Debby Hansen, Inger Kirkwood,

Larry Thome, Kathie Means, Betty Krotzman, Christy Toelle

Council members absent: Christy Toelle, Shane Gesler

Guests present: Keith Korbein, Barb Parker (and Galen Lingl) of the Call Committee -Kathy Thome, absent

1. Call to Order: President Mark Hansen called the council meeting to order at 9:42 am

2. Devotions: Michaele Korbein read devotions the Christy Toelle provided.

3. Secretary's Report: The August 14 & 21, 2022 Council meeting minutes were presented. Date on the 21st minutes is corrected, and reference to 3-tab shingles was corrected to architectural. Cindy Costello made a motion to accept the August 14 & 21, 2022 minutes as presented with corrections to the 21st minutes as noted, seconded by Galen Lingl; motion passed 9-0.

4. Treasurer's Report: August reconciled general checking reports were presented. Bills are current and paid. Roof Fund balance at the end of June is $59,814.82. Galen Lingl made a motion to accept the May and June Treasurer's reports as presented, seconded by Kathie Means; motion passed 9-0.

5. Committee Reports:

a. Education: Curriculum is ready for Sunday School starting September 11; with 5 in elementary and 1 in confirmation so far.

b. Evangelism: Kick-off/Come Back to Church Sunday is September 11. September 18 will be BINGO.

c. Long Range Planning: Mark will contact Brent Jacobsen on the roofing.

d. Property: Nothing new.

e. Social Concerns: Collections continues for Health Kit items, with colored bath-size towels and bar soap being needed the most right now. Goal is to complete 75 kits. Announce this during announcements.

f. Stewardship: Donations of hats, scarves and gloves can be placed on the Chilling Tree in the Narthex.

g. Worship: Pastors are lined up for services through year end, except November 14. Bulletins are done through mid-November. October 30 is Reformation Sunday with Pastor Bill Horn. November 6 is All Saints Sunday with Pastor Dennis Hallemeier. A request for Pastors to provide children's sermons now we may have children attending services, with additional compensation for Pastors who provide them.

6. Old Business:

a. Call Committee: Keith Korbein reported both churches completed their site profiles; some parts had to match exactly between churches. Completing this was a lengthy process not done lightly or overnight, so they requested council to take some time to review it. Each church used the surveys members had completed to do the profiles that revealed thoughts to be similar between both churches in many ways, including looking for a young pastor either right out of seminary or with up to 10 years of experience as acceptable to both congregations. Bethany's site profile will be emailed to the Council and will be added to October's Council agenda. After Council reviews and approves the site plan, it will be forwarded to Synod.

b. Roof Loan: The bank offered a better rate of 2.35% if we go with a $25,000 secured loan, vs standard loan previously reported at 6%. Secured means the bank would hold $25,000 as a guarantee that payments would be made. It also makes for less paperwork in getting the loan and about $40 less in monthly payments. Galen Lingl made a motion to approve the Bank of Mauston secured loan of $25,000 for 5 years at 2.35%, and that Mark Hansen (President) and Michaele Korbein (Treasurer) will be authorized to sign on behalf of the church, seconded by Betty Krotzman; motion passed 9/0.

c. Membership: This committee will be meeting to review the membership listing and to discussion how to remove inactive members, including notification to any of those, without offending anyone.

7. New Business:

a. Baptisms: Three are in the works on three possible dates. Pastors have already agreed to do services those dates; just need to check with them on doing the baptisms. Compensation was discussed; Synod guidelines say $55-75. Middle of the road is $65 and would be the responsibility of parents to pay to the pastor providing that service. Having the Baptism early in the service before the readings would help keep children from getting too restless from being all dressed up for the occasion.

b. Invitations: Discussed examples of who else to invite to Come Back to Church Sunday, in addition to the invitations already sent.

c. Council -Coffee hour for September 11: Council will bring treats for coffee hour on the 11th. Inger will be fall decorating in the building starting this week.

8. Next Meeting: October 2, 2022 after worship. Cindy Costello to provide October's devotions & announcements.

9. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Galen Lingl made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Debby Hansen; motion passed 9-0. The Lord's Prayer was prayed in closing. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein   


 East Lemonweir Council Meeting

September 11, 2022


President Roger Nelson called the September 11th meeting to order. A motion, after correction to the price of fuel, made by Marlene Pelton, second by Kathryn Pitcel; motion carried. A motion to approve the treasurer's report made by Kathryn Pitcel, second by Jennifer Sarnow, motion carried.


Dawn Nelson had the completed Synod Ministry Profile and went through the pages after comparing ours to Bethany's. Very few and minor adjustments were made. A motion to approve the report was made by Roger Pitcel, second by Marlene Pelton; motion carried.


The Bug Stompers company was here and sprayed, at a cost of $140.


We discussed the fellowship coffee and decided to keep it after worship.


Next Sunday the assistant to the Bishop will be here to preach.


Motion to adjourn by Roger Pitcel, second Marlene Pelton. Motion carried. We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.



Respectfully submitted,

Connie Wolfgram, Sec. 












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