October 2020

Dear Friends,

I have been way from you for a very long time.  I went into the hospital on May 31, and returned to work September 1.  In a sense it was a blessing that my ailment hit me over the summer rather than during the school year.  It began with a herditary heart issue that ended up attacking other major organs in my body, including my lungs, kidneys and liver. I am still being careul to recover slowly. I've always said that God takes care of idiots like me!

While I was away many things happened both globally and locally.  As the summer moved forward, things in our world seemed to get strangely out of sorts. Covid 19 became a major issue for us all. For example, I was unable to see my husband while I was in the hospital and rehab, so I know first hand what this quarantine feels like. Being cooped up is not easy for any of us.

While I was away, I met many people and had long conversations with most of them, clients, nurses, rehab folks,etc. Most understood the safety of the quarantine, some did not. But the more I listened, the more these conversations helped me to understand one thing: we seem to view this disease through lenses of what we want on any given day.

And isn't that the way of life?  This race that is set before us is what life is all about. We are loved by God through Christ Jesus who helps us through the tough times.

I refuse to compare myself to other situations. As a pastor, I refuse to tell my council and congregation that everything is okay when it isn't. Covid 19 is a frightening disease and to compare it with past epidemics and illnesses does nothing to calm the nerves. I ask that you please be patient with the needs of others as we continue to wait this out.

We are to cling to life as a gift, knowing that we are surrrounded by a great cloud of witnesses so that we can help each other through this time.

God's peace be with us all as we remember our friends that are more susceptible than many. We remember that Christ is with us and it is not a bad thing that we care for each other! Let us run the good race that is set before us as God's children, loved and held in the greatest arms that exist!

Remember, if you are struggling, there are those available to listen and help as best we can.

Run the race, you are never alone. Run the race...

In peace and love we pray,

Pastor Wendy








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