Greetings to you, God’s Beloved!

Thank you to those who were able to attend a Cottage Meeting last month. I enjoyed our conversations very much and am continuing to reflect on everything you shared. If you could not join any of the meetings, I would still love to hear from you. Please call church or email ("> if you would like to share a bit of who you are as well as some hopes and dreams about the current and future ministries of Bethany and East Lemonweir.

I cannot believe it is June already. May flew by and summer is here. Yay! It’s exciting to focus on our summer plans and vacations…to take a rest from work or school, to step outside and breathe deep and smell fresh cut grass, lilacs, and other summer flowers. And please do all those things and more. While the weather is nice, I hope you have the time and ability to do the things you love to do and go to the places you love to go to feel refreshed, warm, and re-energized. Plant and grow things, fish, hike, swim, go camping, and relax by a campfire. I know I’m planning on doing many of those things. But I also hope that we will all find the time to also continue to dream and wonder about where the Holy Spirit is leading us, and our congregation(s). Why do we do what we do? As we travel and do all the things that a Wisconsin summer has to offer, what do we see? What do we hear? Where do we see God? How is God moving through the Holy Spirit in the people we meet?

I hope to see many and more of you throughout the summer and learn about what you are doing, where you are going, how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you are observing, and so much more. If you find yourself away from home on a Sunday, remember that Bethany’s service is live streamed on Facebook. You could also worship with a congregation in the place you are visiting or take some time to worship in God’s creation by saying a prayer of thanksgiving for family, community, and God’s love.

Summer blessings to you all. Have fun and remember God is with you.

In Christ,

Pastor Lucy



Synod-Wide Worship Service at Riverside Park—10:00 a.m. June 11!

What is Synod Assembly?

Synod Assembly is the governing body of our La Crosse Area Synod. Attendees and voting members of Synod Assemlby will engage in the business of our Synod and reflect on our mission as we celebrate the relationship and support we have together as members of the ELCA in the La Crosse Area Synod.

This year, Synod Assembly will begin with worship at Holmen Lutheran Church on Friday evening, June 9. We will assemble on Saturday morning at the LaCrosse Center for the business portion of our day in the morning and learning and service in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, all are welcome to join the Synod Assembly worship and picnic happening at Riverside Park, LaCrosse, at 10:00 a.m.! Worship services will also be held at Bethany and East Lemonweir at the regular times.  

How can I participate?

Join in any of the service opportunities happening throughout Synod Assembly weekend, purchase socks and underwear and drop them off at Church by Wednesday, June 7, attend the Synod-Wide worship service and picnic in Riverside Park on June 11, and pray for our voting members: Ross Hardie, Dawn Nelson, Roger Nelson, and Pastor Lucy as we prepare for and participate in Synod Assembly!

For more information & a complete schedule, visit


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