The Lord is near to the  broken-hearted,

   and saves the crushed in spirit. 


Psalm 134:18



I write these words because they bring me comfort.  Our churches have been closed, our nursing homes, small businesses. The Coronovirus isn’t just any old flu.  So for awhile we’re all on lockdown and our buildings sit empty.


I’m guessing many of us feel crushed in spirit maybe even broken hearted. We worry about our finances depending how long this goes. I worry about my sons and one of them is already done with his work until this passes because of where he works.


But this verse brings me comfort. The Lord is near.  That’s the beauty of our Bible. With all of the wars and stoning and the crucifixion, the overwhelming  factor in all of this is Easter.  I assure you Easter will come and we will celebrate whether it’s on the right date or not!


Jesus never lets go of us. The Father is always near. The Spirit comes to us and reminds us that we are loved. But I also believe we have to do our part to our fellow beings. Please be safe, wash your hands and keep distance.


I would like to remind people that just because we’re closed part of the pain for us in the church is that the bills keep coming. So I have to say please don’t forget your church. I know these are hard times, it’s still necessary to do what we can do together. There are others who need to know that the Lord is near. Call friends and family, use the LaCrosse Area Synod to find easy access to On-Line/Radio Worship, Prayer, Study Opportunities

La Crosse Area Synod.


And thank your your prayers in all this pandemic and what it brings. Just remember:Psalm 134:18 “The Lord is near!”


Pastor Wendy



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