As we continue our Lenten Journey, I want to take some time and share and reflect a bit on our theme for our mid-week services. Our theme is "Wandering Heart: Figuring out Faith with Peter."


Peter is remembered in the dhurch for his extraordinary commitment to the early church and the spreading of the Gospel. Some would say he is the most famous of Jesus' disciples. From scripture we learn that he is a benefactor from miracles performed by Jesus (the miraculous catch of his call to discipleship story and the healing of his mother-in-law), he walks on water, and proclaims Jesus as the Son of god when no one else can. Many myths and legends have been written and told about his actions and teachings. It is easy for us to put him up on a pedestal.


However, Peter has a wandering heart. His heart often leads toward Jesusin one moment and then away in the next moment. His journey is far from polished, straight, or perfect. Yet, he always finds himself tethered to the love of God. Jesus offers him abundance when there is scarcity or unbelief, catches him when he begins to sink, challenges him when he tries to stand in the way, washes his feet, predicts his betrayal, and offers him love in the way that only God can.


Peter is like us. For we, too oftern take one step forward in faith only to take a step backward moments later. Our hearts wander -- and Jesus is right by our side -- loving us, giving us a hand to grab when we are sinking, forgiving our betrayals, and helping us see abundance admidst scarcity.


So, I invite you to come on this journey -- of walking with Peter in figuring out faith. Not idolize or vilify him but to simply wander be open to what we might learn about Jesus (and ourselves) by stepping in his shoes.

        ----Pastor Lucy


Lenten Mid-Week Soup Supper and Worship Schedule


February 28

March 6, 13, and 20

Soup is served 5:00 -6:00. Service starts at 6:30.


Did you know?

  • Peter is actually mentioned via several different names in the NT. He is also called Simon, Simeon, Simon Peter, and Cephas.
  • Taking all of the different version of his name, Peter is mentioned 181 times in the New Testament. That's more than Paul/Saul who is mentioned 177 times.
  • Simon's hometown was Bethsaida. Sometime prior to meeting Jesus, he moved to Capernaum where he resided with his brother (Andrew), his wife, and mother-in-law (and possibly lived near James, John, and Zebedee given their business relationship).

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