Synod Assembly June 9 - 11! 
Kwik Trip Scrip Cards are available.


•All are welcome to Quilting, 9 am Wednesdays @ Bethany.
•6:30 PM AA meetings: Tuesday @ East, Thursday @ Bethany.
Purse Auction and Bethany Salad Luncheon 11 a - 1 p June 9th!
 Prayers of Concern 
Prayers for those who have loss loved ones.  
Prayers of Health 
Sheila Stark
Mickie (Patti Thompson)
Don Powell
Fran Benson
Dennis Stark
Shona (Betty Krotzman's niece)
 and others who are struggling with their wellness.

Prayers for military members and their families. Prayers of concern for Eastern Europe.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.

 Bethany Birthdays
Kevin Klinker - 2
Toni Phelps -2
Rosie Halverson - 4
Garry Olson -4
Janie Bever - 8
Adele Haschke - 11
Cody Sletten -12
John Bailey -14
Don Powell - 15
Jack Krotzman - 15
Shane Gelser - 15
Shelby Krotzman - 16
ShyAnna Sletten - 30 
East Lemonweir Birthdays
 Richard Groskreutz - 29
Shari Lee - 31


Brittany Doller - 14
Nathan Brown - 26
Bethany Anniversaries
Galen & Janenne Lingl - 28
Kevin & Lisa Klinker - 14
Ken & Marcia Adams - 22
Karl & Peg Katuin - 23
Chris & Leah Faber - 24
Jack & Betty Krotzman - 25
East Lemonweir Anniversary
No June Anniversaries
If you have someone to add to our celebration list, please let Betty know. You may call her at 562-3807.  Thank you.

W-ELCA News   (contributed by Judy Zobal – Bethany W-ELCA President)

Our mission statement: To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our June gather bible study session one is entitled Salvation now. This entire Bible study focuses on one small word, “now”, and the role it plays throughout the Gospel of John. “Now” is a small word but, as we will see, no an innocuous one. This session lays the groundwork for the idea that Jesus is active in every present moment. As followers of Jesus, bearers of his name and servants of his word, we are called to represent Jesus in the “now” of life. This can be empowering, intimidating and challenging all at once.

A sincere thank you to everyone who generously gave of their time and provided food, help and support for DeLora Moffitt’s and Sandi Dvorak’s funeral luncheons. May they rest in peace and their families find comfort.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Recognition Brunch.

Upcoming Events:

June 9th - Salad Luncheon and silent purse auction

August - visit to our homebound memers – watch for more info.


A thought: Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. John Lubbock



Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Church Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, May 7, 2023



Council Members present: Pastor Lucy Hardie, Mark Hansen, Michaele Korbein, Larry Thome, Kathie Means, Shane Gesler, Deanna Smith, Inger Kirkwood, Glenda Swinehart, Karl Katuin, Betty Krotzman

Council members absent:    Christy Toelle


1. Call to Order: President Mark Hansen called the council meeting to order at 12:00 noon.

2. Devotions: Shane Gesler provided devotions.

3. Secretary’s Report:   Minutes of the April 2, 2023 and April 16, 2023 Council meetings were presented. Glenda Swinehart made a motion to accept the April 2, 2023 Council meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Karl Katuin; motion passed 11-0. Karl Katuin made a motion to accept the April 16, 2023 Council meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Shane Gesler; motion passed 11-0.

4. Treasurer’s Report: April reconciled general checking reports were presented. Bills are current and paid. Discussed having a list of needs vs what we have. Glenda Swinehart made a motion to accept the April Treasurer’s reports as presented, seconded by Betty Krotzman; motion passed 11-0.

5. Pastor’s Report: Easter and Easter Brunch went well. Pastor presided at two funerals -Harold Johnson from East at Hare Funeral Home and DeLora Moffitt from Bethany at Bethany. Seven attended Bible study which started Thursday. Cottage Meetings are being scheduled for East and for Bethany. Ideas are being discussed to promote attendance including possibly advertising. Three combined worships with East are being planned. Flowers were given in memory of Glenda Swinehart’s mom. After discussion of Pew Pads, it was determined they no longer will be used.  

6. Committee Reports:

a. Education: Adult bible study is proceeding. Sugar Creek may do a day camp, possibly for all ages.

b. Evangelism:   Nothing new.

c. Long Range Planning: Gutters on church are done. Contractor is getting wood for the interior work.

d. Property:   A replacement 70-pint dehumidifier was found for approximately $320; however, it is out of stock and similar kinds are higher priced. Karl Katuin made a motion to purchase a new dehumidifier with a budget up to $400 from Amazon, seconded by Glenda Swinehart; motion passed 11-0. Sign out front needs paint to spruce it up. Shed trim is rotted; it needs new trim, new roof, and new paint for approximately $500. This can be placed on next month’s agenda. Doors are stuck in the followship hall and will be worked on,

e. Social Concerns: Health Care Kits collections have started; notice to be in the bulletin.

f.   Stewardship: Would like to educate congregation on what stewardship is. Mailboxes were updated.

g. Worship:   May 21 Pastor will on vacation; Larry Thome to do sermon and Beth Preuss is assistant minister. Most like large print bulletins, but hymnals still are nice. Announcements from bulleting to be posted online.

7. Old Business:

a. Parsonage items -breaker box, chimney, fence: Crowley is ordering the circuit breaker. TopHat provided an estimate of $7839 for chimney/fireplace update/repair; they will check into an electric insert instead of staying with wood. The water standing in the parsonage backyard is too high, so they could not put in the fence posts. Three feet is required by the city off the property line for fences, but it can be less with written permission from neighboring properties.

b. Joint Worship Schedule: May 28 of Memorial weekend at East, July 2 for summer at Heritage Park, and then September 3 at Bethany. Each service will begin at 10a.m.

c.   Bulletins: Page numbers will be added to bulletins.

8. New Business:

a. Synod Delegate: Synod Assembly will be June 9 & 10. Pastor’s husband, Ross, volunteered to be our delegate. Mark Hansen nominated Ross Hardie as Synod Assembly Delegate. Glenda Swinehart made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Ross Hardie for Synod Assembly Delegate, seconded by Karl Katuin; motion passed 11-0.

b. Parsonage Grounds Cleanup: This will be May 15 from 2-6 p.m.

c. Technology: Discussed a UPS/battery backup for office computer; decided not to do at this time. Discussed replacement of the one lapel mic that has a bad microphone; decided to replace this for under $200.

9. Next Meeting: This will be June 4, 2023 at 12 noon. Kathie Means will have devotions and Sunday announcements for the month of June.

10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Kathie Means made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Deanna Smith; motion passed 11-0. The Lord’s Prayer was prayed in closing. The meeting adjourned at 1:23 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein, Council Secretary



East Lemonweir Council Minutes
May 21, 2023
President Roger Nelson called the meeting to order. A motion to approve the secretary's report made by Jennifer Sarnow second by Marlene Pelton, motion carried. A motion to approve the Treasurer's report was made by Margarete Hummelbeck, motion carried.
It was discussed moving the date of the monthly Council Meetings to the 3rd Sunday of the month. A motion by Marlene and second by Margarete, motion carried.
Wa Du Shuda days we will have an ice cream stand for Saturday, July 8th.
The elevator weight test has been done, we are good for 5 years.
We have received a money gift from the estate of Bonnie Crandall and we will need to prioritize our needs. Some are the elevator, handicapped bathrooms and resurfacing the parking lot.
Motion to adjourn by Marlene, second by Jennifer, motion carried.
We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.
Respectfully submitted,
Connie Wolfgram, Sec.
East Lemonweir Council Meeting
April 23, 2023
President Roger Nelson called the April 23rd meeting to order. Pastor Lucy led us in prayer. A motion to approve the Secretary's report of the March meeting was made by Billy Sarnow, second by Margarete Hummelbeck, motion carried. A motion to approve the Treasurer's report made by Connie Wolfgram, Second by Margarete, motion carried.
The elevator inspection has been done.
A+ will mow for the same fee as last year.
Pastor Lucy's report started by thanking everyone for making Holy Week special. She also noted some Joint Worship Services with Bethany.  One joint service will be held at East Lemonweir on May 28th at a different time. We will have worship at 10 am. On the 4th of July weekend (July 2nd) we will have worship at Heritage Park in New Lisbon at 10 am and on Labor Day Sunday we will have worship at Bethany at 10 am. A motion by Roger Pitcel to assist in organizing the joint worship, second by Kathryn Pitcel, motion carried.
Pastor Lucy will have Bible Studay at 9 am on Thursdays at Bethany. Everyone is invited.
There will be two Cottage Meetings for East Lemonweir. The first is May 10th at 1:30 pm. And the second is May 18th at 6:30 pm.
Marlene Pelton has a list of issues and concerns we will need to address. No action was taken, we discussed and will need to set priotities.
It was suggested we put the hymn numbers on the hymn board. For East Lemonweir only large print bulletins. There will be Communion each Sunday in May.
Motion to adjourn by Marlene, second by Roger P. Motion carried. We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.
Respectfully Submitted,
Connie Wolfgram, sec.










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