East Lemonweir Celebrates 165 Years! 

Faithful Witnesses of East


Shirley Gregor


Though many of you  may not know Shirley or remember her,

Shirley used to come to worship, often riding with Bonnie Crandall.


Shirley, these last years has been living at Fairview Care Center in Mauston.

Her niece Judy taking care of her needs, Shirley loved watching television and reading. She loved talking about East Lemonweir and we would go through the picture directory one picture at a time and she would share memories. She particularly enjoyed telling me about all the people she knew from the “Suldal” book and the Sons of Norway events held at the church.


Thank you Shirley for being a gift to our community

of faith on the hill!





 75 years


Our thanks to all  who helped bring our celebration full circle on November 11th! We wished we could have given special mention to everyone who has been a part of Bethany over the years - it was so wonderful to see old friends and have new friends as well! 


In keeping with our anniversary spirit, we would like to keep up the celebration for the next  year by making sure we recognize the many people who have grown this church family over the years with a segment each month that we are going to call “ Faithful Witnesses of Bethany Lutheran Church.”


Next year will be East Lemonweir’s 165th anniversary and we would love to do the same for them as well!



Faithful Witnesses


Helen York


Over the years Helen has been a faithful witness in  many ways. She has taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School - loving this congregations children and teaching them to love Jesus.


Helen has also been a part of the Women of the ELCA, Circle, Bible Study, and coordinator of special events, funeral lunches, and the Salad Luncheon. She has also served on church council and a variety of committees.


Often Helen can be found behind the scenes getting things done so that events run smoothly. We so appreciate everything she does around here to further the ministry of Bethany!


Thank you Helen!


Karl and Peggy Katuin


Peggy and Karl have been a wonderful part of Bethany’s life for quite some time.  “Peg” is a renowned cook in our area and if you join our quilting group you would be able to taste her talents when she hosts our coffee time! She heads up our Lutheran World Relief quilting crew as well as makes prayer shawls, is part of the Women of the ELCA, and  helps with just about anything we need around this place!




Karl, over the years, has been a lector, served many times on church council and helped with building needs. Karl currently serves on our Property committee, keeping things around our building up to par! Now that Karl is retired from his work at Leer, he has been seen around here quite often checking on things. Karl has even preached on occasion!




Our special thanks for all that Karl and Peg Katuin do around here and for the humor and life they bring to our ministry!




Faithful Witnesses


John and Aleda Bailey






Such tremendous witnesses within our church community! 




Aleda and her beautiful smile has always been active in her church. From the Women of the ELCA and her circle, many may not remember that she was the financial secretary for many years. She loved to sing in the choir and worked on the Altar Guild as well.




John was an usher here at Bethany. He also served by teaching Sunday School, was on the Church Council and worked building and grounds all while they were raising their family here in New Lisbon.




Our special thanks to John and Aleda Bailey for all that they have done and continue to support our congregation here at Bethany!


February 2019

Clara Olson

Clara Olson has been a member of Bethany Lutheran Church for many, many years.

She loved to sing in the choir and help with luncheons as needed. You could always count on her to be a willing and joyful worker! Clara was in circle and taught Sunday School as well.

For many years Clara was in charge of the Altar Guild, taking care of scheduling, paraments and oil candles. She made sure everything was ready for whoever was setting up for communion.

At Christmas time, she wrangled her sons into putting up the advent wreath and made sure it was ready for the season - which they still do to this day!

Clara also helps with the quilters making quilts for Lutheran World Relief - sending quilts

all over the world.

Our great thanks to Clara for her faithful witness!


January 2019 Faithful Witness
Josephine Norris

Jo started attending Bethany in 1970.  She's been involved in teaching Sunday School, Bible School, wrote Christmas programs for the Sunday School. She also helped with the food pantry, wrapped boxes many years for the fruit baskets.

Jo also made a pictorial of the fellowship hall addition.  Into her nineties she continued serving on altar guild, baking communion bread, singing in the choir, and making her (requested) pies for the salad luncheon. She enjoyed serving coffee hour, and greeting people as they came and went.

And a personal favorite memory was Jo making her turkey cookies to sell at Thanksgiving with all proceeds being donated for the chimes or to the altar guild.

Josephina now resides at Fairview Nursing home in Mauston, and really enjoys seeing visitors!


December 2018 Faithful Witness 

Evie Hicks


Where would we be without Evie? She and her husband Harley raised their family here at Bethany and were very much a part of helping this church grow. Their son Gabe was even our organist! Evie taught Sunday School for years and years, and has many fond memories of watching the young children grow up to be wonderful people in our communities and elsewhere. She loved Jesus and shared that loved with our young ones. Often someone will share that they had her as a teacher and share their memories.


Evie was also church treasurer for many years and was on council. These last years Evie and her fiancé Dick Carle were a spark of joy in our church and town. Wa Du Shuda Days were a favorite event for them both and were very involved. Sadly Dick passed away earlier this year, and we all miss him terribly. 


Evie can always be found at community events with a cheerful word for whoever she sees. We are grateful that she has been a faithful witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus here at Bethany Lutheran Church! 


Many, many thanks for all you do and have done Evie!



Congratulations and God Bless our Confirmand


*Kelsi Steel*

Good Luck and God Bless our Graduates

*Callie Bever*

*Tess Bigalke*

*Kayla Steele*

Thanks and Good Bless Our Sunday School Staff

*Helen York*  *Christie Toelle*

Thanks and god Bless our Bethany Congregation

*Faithful members who with heartfelt

effort, help where and when they can,

accomplish so much and make a




 W-ELCA News  (Contributed by Judy Zobal - President of Bethany's W-ELCA)

April was a busy month filled with activity, work and fellowship.  The soup suppers were well attended and enjoyed.  Thanks to those who worked, baked, provided food served and cleaned up, you all made a difference.

Our hosting of the W-ELCA Synod convention was blessed and successful thanks to the hard work of many in varied tasks.  Our church was spruced up, great tasting food served, visitors felt welcome, a meaningful service and fun fellowship enjoyed during the various tasks.  Members of Bethany made it all happen and this says a lot about us and what we can do together.

On March 29th three ladies from our church attened a production of "The Church Basement Ladies - Rise Up O Men".  We enjoyed the performance as the afternoon was filled with many laughs delivered by impressive performers.  The time together and weather couldn't have been better.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, May 19th Recognitions Brunch hosted by W-ELCA to honor our graduates, confirmands, Sunday School staff and to take time to recognize all that happens at Bethany.

May - Silent Purse Auction begins

Friday, June 14th, Salad Luncheon.

A thought:  Attitude is the mind's paintbrush, it can color any situation.




Silent Purse Auction is Back!!  Yeah!!


This will be our 5th Silent Purse Auction.  Starting in May and ending on June 14th, the day of the Salad Luncheon.


How It Works: Purses wil be displayed filled with "grab bag" items.

                        People will bid on these purses without

                        knowing what is inside....just like when

                        you buy a "grab bag".  The winning bidder

                        will receive the purse and its contents.


What You Can Do To Help: Anyone that would like to help with the purse auction can PLEASE do so in the following ways:


                   1.  You can fill a purse with items perhaps around a certain theme.

                   2.  Donate a purse and its contents with items you would like to find inside a

                        purse yourself.

                   3.  Donate a purse or item(s) you may find in a purse.  If you choose to donate

                        items, please put them in a brown paper bag and place them in the basket

                        on the conference room table.


The types of items are only limited by our imaginations.




What Else You Can Do To Help:  Bid on the purses starting in May!


Questions:  Please contact Peggy Katuin -- 427-6970 or Judy Zobal -- 562-5379




THANK YOU to those who chose our churches to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars...we are so grateful.



Sunday - 9 am -  Sunday Worship @ Bethany                

                 10:30 am -  Sunday Worship @ East Lemonweir                 

Monday -  9 am - Adult  Bible Study                

Tuesday - 9:30 am - Pastor Text Study              

 Wednesday - 9 am -  Quilting                      

Thursday - 7 pm - AA meets @ Bethany                  

Friday -  Pastor's Day Off 



Prayers of concern for the following:  Baby Girl Kiel, Dale Schultz,  Darrell Johnson, Dawn Nelson,  Lisa (Moravek) Olson, Elwood Syverson,  Laurie Hicks, Nathan Bowen, Mary Chidester (Clara Olson's sister),   Andy Crandall, Florence Wetley,   Arlene Dresen,  Darrell Johnson,  Diane Johnson,  Ilea Heffler,  Taylor Freitag, Patty Gesler, Scott Gollmar, Keatan Joseph (Evie Hick's nephew),  Don Wetley, Dan Swinehart, Sandi Dvorak, Katie Litkea, Billie Sarnow, Aleda Bailey, Roland Raabe, Greylan,  Bev Hamm, and Marion Georgeson , Dan Berkos, Linda Goldbeck, and Bruce Thomure


Please pray for our members and those who serve in our armed forces:  Carly Johnson, Jasmine Benson, Justin Spaniol and Curt Lucas.






Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI 

Church Council Budget Meeting Minutes 

Sunday, April 7, 2019



Council Members present:   Mark Hansen, Michaele Korbein, Pastor Wendy Ruetten,  

Toni Phelps, Kathie Means, Marcia Adams, Morgan Reichhoff, Karl Katuin, Inger Kirkwood, Shane Gesler 

Council members absent:    Barb Parker, Tim Parker 

1. Call to Order: Mark called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon. 

2. Devotions:  Toni provided devotions. 

3. Secretary’s Report:  March’s Council meeting minutes were published in The Beacon online and on paper and were mailed or put in church mailboxes as requested. Toni made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report, seconded by Marcia; motion passed.  

4. Treasurer’s Report:  The March monthly treasurer’s report on the general fund was presented and discussed, which included an unpaid invoice list. Two corrections were noted -a date on paycheck #2164 to Laurie was corrected to be March 30, and the ‘mileage’ word on the description on Pastor’s paycheck#2165 was deleted. Kathie made a motion to accept the March treasurer’s report with the noted corrections, seconded by Morgan; motion passed.  

5. Pastor’s Report:A memorial gift was given in memory of Allan Tiedt to go toward a free VBS day camp.  It would be led by a crew from Sugar Creek and would be held the week of July 14-18 from 5-7:30pm.  This would be for seven churches for approximately 35 kids in grades 1-6 (younger kids could attend with a parent).   Interim Pastor Jim and Deacon Karen Gerth are leaving the area. Area councils will need to meet to discuss ideas and options for the future for having Pastors in this area.  East Lemonweir will celebrate their 165th anniversary this year, and plan on having some kind of get-together to celebrate.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Education:   It was asked and maybe suggested to extend the VBS invitation to other area churches, not just to the ELCA churches. 

b. Evangelism:Logger’s game is in the works -watch for more to come on this.

c. Long Range Planning:A huge Thank You goes out to Debbie Hansen on working on the successful mortgage match to help pay down the mortgage!

d. Property:The garden tractor was serviced and tuned up, ready for summer mowing.  Repairs to the Beaver System in the basement was researched, with an estimate of $140 to try to repair one section. The front door that was dragging and binding on the entry tile has settled back down and swings free once again -that area shifts in the winter, and they may try adjusting it if it does it again.  They are still looking for parts for the front door lock.  To help prevent the leak in the men’s room ceiling in the future, roofing heat tape may be installed in the valleys for next winter but they are still investigating this.  The shed needs repair.

e. Social Concerns: For the health kits, they would like to start collecting colored bath towels -NOT white, as that is the first item that they run short of when putting the kits together. 

f.   Stewardship:  The auction was a success, netting $805 which was applied toward the mortgage match.  Thank you to Debbie, Mark, and Leah for working on this fun event!  Next BINGO will be May 19.

g. Worship:  Easter service will be 8:00 am. Sunday, April 21. Easter breakfast to be discussed under New Business.

7.  Old Business:

a. “Sunshine” Committee:   One card was signed for Pastor to deliver.

b. Financial Computer:  A computer was found -just waiting for a better price on it.

8. New Business:

a. Council chili for soup supper April 10:Bars -Marcia, Shane, Morgan; chopped onion -Inger; Toni -rolls, sour cream, Shane -cheese; Kathie -milk; Karl -crackers. Michaele will make the chili from Cal’s recipe.  Michaele, Karl, Mark, and Toni -assist in kitchen.

      b.Easter breakfast: This will be 9:00 after Easter worship. Council will provide egg bakes             from the eggs Toni will be donating. Milk, juice, and coffee  

needed for beverages. Congregation can also contribute breakfast items.  

c.   Floor cleaning: WELCA found Rick Stelter from Tomah to do the Sanctuary flooring and it looks great. Cost was $425, Pastor is donating $100 toward this. Kathie made a motion to pay the remainder of the floor cleaning invoice out of the Building and Grounds amount in the savings, seconded by Morgan; motion passed. 

d.   Bequest information: Bethany was given two bequests from the Loretta Balgord estate.  One had a stipulation that part of it be used for an element of worship.  Council will come up with a list of items and may discuss this at upcoming council meetings.  

9. Next Meeting:   This will be May 5, 2019 at 12noon. Karl will have devotions for that meeting, announcements for each service in May, and Kwik Trip scrip cards available after worship for purchase. 

10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer:Pastor led us in praying The Lord’s Prayer in closing. Shane made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Toni; motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 1 pm. 


Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein






East Lemonwier Council Meeting

April 8, 2019



President Roger Nelson called the meeting to order, and Pastor Wendy led us in prayer. A motion to approve the Secretary's report of the March council meeting was made by Marlene Pelton, second by Kathryn Pitcel; motion carried.  Motion to approve the treasurer's report made by Jennifer Sarnow, second by Connie Wolfgram; motion carried.


Roger Nelson noted he is working on replacing the alarm batteries, but the monitor stills says they are low.


Cemetery clean up was set for the last weekend in April, weather permitting, Saturday and Sunday April 27th and 28th.  We can get top soil for $17 per yard from Bollig's, but the road bans have to be off before they can deliver it.  Margarete Hummelbeck has ordered it, we will also need grass seed.  The Outreach Committee will help with the cost.


Good Friday services are at 6:30 at East Lemonweir.  Pastor Wendy noted the WELCA conference went very well, and she thanked everyone who helped make the day a success.


35 children from 8 churches are going to be able to attend VBS from Sugar Creek Bible Camp free of charge.  We were given a gift to cover the costs.


Marlene will get the fire extinguishers charged.


Wa Du Shuda's theme this year is The 80's.  We will have the ice cream cones and sundaes on Saturday.  The float for the parade was not discussed, anyone with ideas for the float should let us know.


Motion to adjourn made by Kathryn P. second by Billie Sarnow; motion carried.  We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.



                                                          Respectfully Submitted, 


Connie Wolfgram, Sec.












May 19th

*You can donate prizes to the Bingo Basket, if you want. Hope to see and hear you on the 19th!





Bible School


featuring Sugar Creek Bible Camp Staff


Where:  Bethany Lutheran Church


When:   July 15 - July 18, 2019

              5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Who:      All children entering

              Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Younger children are welcome to attend with a parent/guardian.

Program runs Monday - Thursday and includes evening meal, great games, arts and crafts, skits, Bible study, camp songs, mission project and much, much more!





  Please let the office know if some one should be added to the Celebration List.  Thank you.                                                                                                                                                    


May 2019 Celebrations


Bethany Birthdays

1 Anne Fenwick

13 Randy Fenwick

14 John Costello

18 Dan Schultz

18 Dean Allard

18 Lorraine Schultz

20 Jon Gollmar

22 Glenda Swinehart

22 Beth Preuss 


Bethany Anniversaries

1 Randy & Anne Fenwick

5 Larry & Kathy Thome

23 Keith & Michaele Korbein

25 Jon & Mary Gollmar

28 Galen & Janenne Lingl




East Lemonweir Birthdays


 1 Elwood Syverson

1 Anne Fenwick

2 Tia Svardahl

4 Kevin Wetly

8 Helen Walker

13 Randy Fenwick

18 Jody Allen

20 Gerald Wolfgram

25 Kathryn Pitcel

26 Dawn Nelson

29 Richard Groskreutz

29 Levine Wetley

31 Shari Ann Lee 


East Lemonweir Anniversaries




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