The bulletin board to the right, of the double door entryway will have the Bethany News, such as the Council Minutes, Treasurer Report, monthly Calendar, Celebrations, etc. 

Prayers of Concern 
Dennis Stark
Inger Kirkwood
Jordan Valsted (Inger's Nephew) 
Fred Wehman
Sam Phillips (Check our Facebook page for his Caring Bridges Link)
Don Wetley
Sandi Dvorak
and others who are struggling with their wellness.
Prayers for military members and their families.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.



Neither church had scheduled July Council meetings.


                                      Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Church Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Council Members present: Karl Katuin, Michaele Korbein, Pastor Wendy Ruetten, Debby Hansen, Galen Lingl,

Don Powell, Tim Parker,

Council Members absent: Cindy Costello

1. Call to Order: Karl Katuin called the council meeting to order at 12 noon.

2. Devotions: Debby Hansen provided devotions.

3. Secretary's Report: May's Council meeting minutes were presented. Galen Lingl made a motion to accept the Secretary's Report as presented, seconded by Don Powell; motion passed 7-0.

4. Treasurer's Report: Reports provided included the May reconciled general checking report and balances for special/general savings accounts. Bills are current and paid. Thank you! The Roof Fund is now up to $36,230.32. There was $465 received for the Synod Barn Project. Discussed amount of offering for Synod Assembly; previously had been $300. Galen Lingl made a motion to make our offering for Synod Assembly $300, seconded by Debby Hansen; motion passed 7-0. Both the $300 offering and the $465 Barn funds will be mailed to the Synod. The May report shows a negative ending balance, but that is only because the deposit of East's checks was posted in the bank after June 1. Portico will remove Pastor Jeff from our invoices, so our upcoming invoice(s) will be adjusted accordingly for March and April. Galen Lingl made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as presented, seconded by Debby Hansen; motion passed 8-0.

5. Pastor's Report: Pastor is off on June 7. There will be two funerals later this week. Acknowledging the graduating seniors is coming up. Summer adult class starts June 14. Synod Assembly will be virtual next weekend. If anyone wants to attend, let Pastor know.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Education: --Nothing new.

b. Evangelism: --Discussed where to apply funds received in the Bethany Buckets. Suggested from now through September to be apply them to health kits, and then decide on them after that for another application. Debby Hansen made a motion to apply the Bethany Buckets money given to the Health Kits, seconded by Galen Lingl; motion passed 7-0. To ease back into worship, sign-up sheets are in the narthex for ushering, coffee host, acolytes, assisting minister, readers, communion assistant, and lawn mowing/snow shoveling. Auction is being discussed.

c. Long Range Planning: --Nothing new.

d. Property: --Basement still not drying out.

e. Social Concerns: --Collections are starting for Health Kits -a list of needed items will be put out. Colored bath towels are usually the biggest need as we are usually short on them each year.

f. Stewardship: --Nothing new.

g. Worship: --Pastor distributed a list of dates she will be gone through the rest of the year that will offer opportunities for someone to preach. Contact Pastor if interested.

7. Old Business: --Nothing.

8. New Business:

a. July Meeting? No Bethany council meeting for July.

b. Additional Council Members: Looking for anyone interested in filling the four open council positions. Let a council member or Pastor know if you are interested.

c. Duty Lists: usher, coffee host, assistant minister, communion assistant, reader: Some still not ready to come back to in-person worship, so our rosters will not fill up. Again, sign-up sheets will be in the narthex. Activities will come back gradually as people sign up. Pastor thought it would be great to kick off the school year with the rosters filled and the sound system done.

d. Sound System: Still waiting on one cable for the sound system. The main power rocker switch on the control panel is bad and needs to be replaced.

9. Next Meeting: August 1, 2021 at 12 noon. Debby Hansen will have devotions.

10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Pastor led us in praying The Lord's Prayer. Galen Lingl made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Don Powell; motion passed 6-0.

The meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein

East Lemonweir Council Meeting
June 14, 2021

President Roger Nelson called the June 14th meeting to order. Pastor Wendy led us in prayer. A motion to approve the secretary's report of the May council minutes was made by Kathryn Pitcel, second by Marlene Pelton; motion carried. Motion to approve the treasurer's report made by Connie Wolfgram, second by Margarete Hummelbeck; motion carried.
The new bishop is Felix Malpica.
Roger N. reported the AA Tuesday meetings are going well, and suggested we give a key and an alarm code, the stipulation the key NOT be duplicated. There was no objection. Roger also noted the bathroom faucets have been replaced. The bottom outside step has damage. Roger will try to fix it, was suggested we get an estimate from Pete Ruland for cement work.
Marlene will call the elevator company to have it checked. The elevator project repair, replace project is "down the road" for now.
We discussed having an annual congregational meeting. A motion by Roger P. second by Marlene to postpone the annual meeting; motion carried. IF ANYONE IN THE CONGREGATION HAS QUESTIONS THEY SHOULD CONTACT COUNCIL MEMBERS.
Marlene called Hall's tree service, we will get a bid. Marlene reported the Faith Circle paid the bill for recharging the fire extinguishers.
We decided to remove the tape from the pews. People are doing well to sit at distances.
It was decided not to have a July Council meeting.
Roger Pitcel made a motion to adjourn, second by Marlene; motion carried. We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.
Respectfully submitted
Connie Wolfgram, sec.

W-ELCA News   (contributed by Judy Zobal – Bethany W-ELCA President)
May Bible Study is "The Journey of Generations -- waiting to be unwrapped'. It encourages us to think about relationships we have with those from other generations and backgrounds and what we have in common.  It also discusses these types of relationships presented to us in the Bible.  Intergenerational friendships are among God's greatest gifts.  This study challenges us to see if we're willing to step outside of our generation and how this type of interaction could positively affect our church and community.  Our summe Bible Study from Gather is a 3 part series entitled "Just Love".
Like many others were anxious to meet as a group and continue the projects we enjoy and know make a difference.  Watch for updates about our Salad Luncheon, nothing is definite yet but there is hope we may be able to plan something.
With many signs and sights of Spring around us I'd like to share this poem written by my Mom Jo Norris.
The Dandelion
The dandelion is known to be
A pesky uncontrollable weed
And when Spring comes again
Ten seem to have grown from every seed.
But did you ever pick a blossom
And examine it really well?
How very intricate every petal
God's creation: you can tell.
A thought: Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.  J. Harrigan
If I missed a celebration, kindly let Betty know. 
Bethany Birthdays
Bethany Birthdays
Mary Shattuck - 2
Frieda Hutchins - 4
Jody Bigalke - 10
Glenn Dvorak - 12
Hunter Berry - 12
Brenda Benson - 18
Leona Jahncke - 21
Jeff Klinker - 21
Christy Toelle -23
Kristoffer Swinehart -24
Louise Schulz - 27
Marlene Fish - 27
Helen York - 27
Lucie Wyss - 28
Randy Myers - 30
 East Lemonweir Birthdays
Brent Stoughtenger - 5
Easton Shipley - 9
Gayle Hempel -10
John Clark - 12
Julette Onsager - 16
Ashley Nelson -21
Edward Groskreutz - 23
Roger Nelson - 27
Roger Pitcel - 30
Madyson Doller - 31
Bethany Anniversaries
Scott & De Ann Gollmar - 3
John & Helen York - 10
Daniel & Glenda Swinehart - 15
Jody & Johnette Bigalke - 16
Lynn & Brenda Benson - 18
Sam & Patti Phillips - 28
Mike & Inger Kirkwood - 31
East Lemonweir Anniversaries
Levine & Marilyn Wetley - 1
Donald & Florence Wetley - 25
James Jody Allen - 28





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