Confirmation 5:30 - 7 pm. 

November 14

November 28

December 12

January 9

January 23

February 6

February 20

March 6 (Ash Wednesday) Lent Begins

Easter is April 21st

May 1 (???Final Class)



East Lemonweir is holding their Prime Rib dinner & Variety Show on January 26, 2019.  The cost of a ticket is $20.  Doors open at 5pm with dinner starting at 6 pm. Entertainment this year is provided by the mauston High School Jazz Band.  For tickets contact Dawn Nelson @





W-ELCA News 


What is a Thankoffering Service and When Is It?


Our thankoffering Service this year is on Sunday Novermber 18th during our regular church Service.


Women of the Lutheran Church have been gathering in the setting of Thankoffering services since the early 1900s. It is a tradition grounded in our celebration of community. We come together as faithful women joyfully giving thanks and praise for what God has given us. the Thankofferings support the total outreach of the ELCA including congretational and gloval ministries and specific programs of the women's organization



Christmas Brunch

Our Christmas Brunch is on Friday, December 7th at 10 am in the Fellowship Hall. Watch for more details All are invited and we look forward to seeing you there to share Christmas Spirit and fellowship.



Upcoming Events:

November 18th, Sunday - W-ELCA planning meeting after church in the conference room.

December 2nd, sunday - W-ELCA meeting with assembling of fruit baskets for our shut-ins.

Deceber 7th, Friday - Christmas Brunch

December - decorating our church for Christmas

April 6, 2019 - we host Synod W-ELCA Spring convention...get ready and excited.





Our Bethany East Facebook Page


Daily Scripture,

Events, Schedules, Updates, Cancellations, ETC

See you there!


THANK YOU to those who chose our churches to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars...we are so grateful.


The Bethany W-ELCA has voted on hosting the 2019 Synod W-ELCA Convention. The vote was to put it on the calendar. In the next 13 months our church will be celebrating our 75th anniversary and hosting this convention.  It is wonderful to see this in our future.



Mondays -  9 am - Adult Study

Tuesdays - 9:30 am - Pastor is at Text Study

Wednesday - 9 am - Quilting 

Thursdays - 6:30 pm AA meets @ Bethany

Fridays - Pastors Day Off 


Prayers of concern for the following:  Lisa (Moravek) Olson, Elwood Syverson, Marcia Adams, Michael Krotzman,  Laurie Hicks, Larry Chard, Loretta Balgord, Peggy Katuin, Nathan Bowen,  Jo Norris, Goldie Sorenson, Mary Chidester (Clara Olson's sister), Greg Gollmar,  Andy Crandall, Florence Wetley,   Arlene Dresen, Denise Fitzgerald, Darrell Johnson,  Fred (Fran Benson's Brother), Diane Johnson,  Ilea Heffler, Joy Wade (Sister of Marcia Adams), Taylor Freitag, Patty Gesler, Scott Gollmar, Keatan Joseph (Evie Hick's nephew),  Don Wetley, Dan Swinehart, Sandi Dvorak, Katie Litkea, Billie Sarnow, Charles Georgeson, Aleda Bailey, Roland Raabe, Greylan,  Bev Hamm and Marion Georgeson. 

Please pray for our members and those who serve in our armed forces:  Steve Kirkwood, Carly Johnson, Jasmine Benson, Justin Spaniol and Curt Lucas.




Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI


Church Council Budget Meeting Minutes


Sunday, November 4, 2018




Council Members present:   Keith Korbein, Michaele Korbein, Kathie Means, Pastor Wendy Ruetten, Mark Hansen, Shane Gesler, Debby Hansen, Galen Lingl, Helen York, Barb Parker, Inger Kirkwood, Ken Adams in for Marcia Adams


Council members absent:    Toni Phelps




1. Call to Order:   Keith called the meeting to order at 12:01pm.


2. Devotions:  Barb provided devotions.


3. Secretary’s Report:  October’s Council meeting minutes were published in The Beacon online and on paper and were mailed or put in church mailboxes as requested.  Mark made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report, seconded by Shane; motion passed. 


4. Treasurer’s Report:  October’s monthly treasurer’s report was presented and discussed. Kathie made a motion to accept the September treasurer’s report, seconded by Inger; motion passed.


5. Pastor’s Report:  Pastor attended the fall theological conference. Visitations will be done this next week. She worked with Betty to cover days that each other were gone.  She noted that TV up front should be looked at as it has no sound when on, and the wi-fi password needs to be changed; Galen said he would check into these.  A new phone is needed for the kitchen, as it is no longer working properly. 


6. Committee Reports:


a. Education:   Nothing new.


b. Evangelism:  Coffee host and greeter lists for 2019 will be coming soon. Calendars are being ordered, with proceeds of their sales to go to the Building Fund.  Also, would like to do a large postcard or advertisement, maybe in the paper, to invite people to join us in worship, to promote Bethany, and be more visible in the Community.


c. Long Range Planning:   Nothing new.


d. Property:   New carpeting was well received. Water does periodically continue to leak into the basement. The boiler is repaired; with the new parts, it should well outlast the rest of the warranty period.  The four furnaces installed during the remodel/expansion are 18 years old and are working, but we should add this to Long-Range Planning for the near future in case they start failing.  Pastor also reminded us that the TV up front should be looked at as it has no sound when on, and the wi-fi password needs to be changed -Galen said he would check into this.  A new phone is also needed for the kitchen, as it is no longer working properly. 


e. Social Concerns: Thank you to John and Louis Lawrence for delivering the health kits and quilts for shipping. Thanksgiving baskets are coming up; planning for about 19 again, with delivery on November 18. 


f.   Stewardship:  Next Bingo to be November 25. The 2019 offering envelopes will be set out on a table in the narthex for people to start picking up on December 2. 


g. Worship: A request was made to purchase a praise song for a group of instruments so we do not have to do the transposition ourselves.  The 75th anniversary service will utilize Setting 2 form the green hymnal, and the service will also include a baptism and communion. Special music for the anniversary will be provided by the choir; songs to be “Amazing Grace” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. Michaela Vinz will also guest play/sing.  Later, during or after the lunch, William Korbein and Pastor Tim Quarberg will provide music. 


7. Old Business:


a. Audit:  We have been assured this will happen this next week.


b. 75th Anniversary Committee: Silver Star to cater the meal: chicken, cheesy potatoes, vegetable, salad, roles. We can serve and clean up.  Cost/tickets will $10/plate. For the celebration, flowers will be placed by altar for worship and on each table for the meal. Table cloths will also be used. Name tags will be provided for attendees. Pastor volunteered to provide napkins, silverware, glasses, plates. Inger will bring additional table cloths.  We can assist with pre-setup on Wednesday after joint council meeting.  Pastor and Betty will type notes for inclusion in the booklet for that day.  Deserts to be brought by council and anyone else from the congregation. Pastor will order a half-sheet cake. Table flowers will then be given away through a ticket drawing at the end of the gathering.


 c. Joint council meeting for budget: Reminder that this meeting is scheduled for November 7 at 6 pm.                                      


8. New Business:        


a. Church Secretary Position:  Betty has submitted her resignation, to be effective February 1, 2019.  Betty would like to train the new person in January.  Pastor will put a notice in the Beacon advertising this. This will also be announced during Sunday worship announcements.  Betty has put together a three-page list of her duties, broken down into things she does on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. 


9. Next Meeting:   This will be December 2, 2018 at 12pm. Toni will have devotions for that meeting, announcements for each service in December, and Kwik Trip scrip cards available for purchase after worship.


10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer:  The Lord’s Prayer was prayed in closing. Mark made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Kathie; motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm.




Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein





East Lemonweir Council Minutes

October 8, 2018



President Roger Nelson called the meeting to order, Pastor Wendy led us in prayer. Motion to approve the treasurer's report made by Marlene Pelton, second by Kathryn Pitcel; motion carried. Motion to mover $761.82 from the Wa Du Shuda fund to the general fund (leaving $300 for next year's costs) made by Marlene, second by Kathryn; motion carried. Motion to use money for refurbishing the church sign from Equipment/maintenance fund by Marlene, second by Connie; motion carried.


Marlene reported the elevator company will contact us for the elevator inspection.


There will be a joint service at 10:00 am on November 11th at Bethany to celebrate their anniversary.


We need 3 volunteers to fill the vacant positions on council. Anyone interested should contact a member of the council or Pastor Wendy.


Motion to adjourn made by Roger Pitcel, second by Marlen; carried. We closed by praying the Lord's Prayer.


Respectfully submited,


Connie Wolfgram, sec.




  Please let the office know if some one should be added to the Celebration List.  Thank you.                                                                                                                                                             





November 2018 Celebrations


Bethany Birthdays


2    Douglas Haske

3    Tim Parker

11   Lisa Klinker

11  Mary Paulson

12   Mary Gollmar

14   Janenne Lingl

15   Louis Lawrence

16   Lynn Benson

19   Matthew Spaniol

20   Nick Wyss

21   Brad Bever

22   Lilley Wyss

24   Barb Parker

25   Sheila Stark

27   Loretta Balgord

29   Sonja Haske

30   Calvin Klinker


Bethany Anniversaries


12   John & Aleda Bailey




East Lemonweir Birthdays


1    Gerald Bond

4    Donald Wetley

16  Ronald Onsager

25  Shirley Gregar

29   Carly Onsager


East Lemonweir Anniversaries












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