75 years


Our thanks to all  who helped bring our celebration full circle on November 11th! We wished we could have given special mention to everyone who has been a part of Bethany over the years - it was so wonderful to see old friends and have new friends as well! 


In keeping with our anniversary spirit, we would like to keep up the celebration for the next  year by making sure we recognize the many people who have grown this church family over the years with a segment each month that we are going to call “ Faithful Witnesses of Bethany Lutheran Church.”


Next year will be East Lemonweir’s 165th anniversary and we would love to do the same for them as well!



Faithful Witnesses


Faithful Witnesses


John and Aleda Bailey






Such tremendous witnesses within our church community! 




Aleda and her beautiful smile has always been active in her church. From the Women of the ELCA and her circle, many may not remember that she was the financial secretary for many years. She loved to sing in the choir and worked on the Altar Guild as well.




John was an usher here at Bethany. He also served by teaching Sunday School, was on the Church Council and worked building and grounds all while they were raising their family here in New Lisbon.




Our special thanks to John and Aleda Bailey for all that they have done and continue to support our congregation here at Bethany!


February 2019

Clara Olson

Clara Olson has been a member of Bethany Lutheran Church for many, many years.

She loved to sing in the choir and help with luncheons as needed. You could always count on her to be a willing and joyful worker! Clara was in circle and taught Sunday School as well.

For many years Clara was in charge of the Altar Guild, taking care of scheduling, paraments and oil candles. She made sure everything was ready for whoever was setting up for communion.

At Christmas time, she wrangled her sons into putting up the advent wreath and made sure it was ready for the season - which they still do to this day!

Clara also helps with the quilters making quilts for Lutheran World Relief - sending quilts

all over the world.

Our great thanks to Clara for her faithful witness!


January 2019 Faithful Witness
Josephine Norris

Jo started attending Bethany in 1970.  She's been involved in teaching Sunday School, Bible School, wrote Christmas programs for the Sunday School. She also helped with the food pantry, wrapped boxes many years for the fruit baskets.

Jo also made a pictorial of the fellowship hall addition.  Into her nineties she continued serving on altar guild, baking communion bread, singing in the choir, and making her (requested) pies for the salad luncheon. She enjoyed serving coffee hour, and greeting people as they came and went.

And a personal favorite memory was Jo making her turkey cookies to sell at Thanksgiving with all proceeds being donated for the chimes or to the altar guild.

Josephina now resides at Fairview Nursing home in Mauston, and really enjoys seeing visitors!


December 2018 Faithful Witness 

Evie Hicks


Where would we be without Evie? She and her husband Harley raised their family here at Bethany and were very much a part of helping this church grow. Their son Gabe was even our organist! Evie taught Sunday School for years and years, and has many fond memories of watching the young children grow up to be wonderful people in our communities and elsewhere. She loved Jesus and shared that loved with our young ones. Often someone will share that they had her as a teacher and share their memories.


Evie was also church treasurer for many years and was on council. These last years Evie and her fiancé Dick Carle were a spark of joy in our church and town. Wa Du Shuda Days were a favorite event for them both and were very involved. Sadly Dick passed away earlier this year, and we all miss him terribly. 


Evie can always be found at community events with a cheerful word for whoever she sees. We are grateful that she has been a faithful witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus here at Bethany Lutheran Church! 


Many, many thanks for all you do and have done Evie!


Bethany and East Lemonweir

Thank you for allowing me to share and work for our churches the last 21 months.  A special thank you for the flowers and gift certificate presented to me at the Bethany Annual Meeting.




Lent 2019

Our theme this year is

"God Spoke To Moses Saying ..."

Lent 1 - First Fruits

Lent 2 - Bread of Life

Lent 3 - Waters of Faith

Lent 4 - The Word of God Received

Lent 5 - The Covenant of Redemption

Palm Sunday - Self-Emptying Love

Ash Wednesday is March 6 and soup suppers begin March 13!


Confirmation 5:30 - 7 pm. 


March 6 (Ash Wednesday) Lent Begins

Easter is April 21st

May 1 (???Final Class)



 W-ELCA News  (Contributed by Judy Zobal - President of Bethany's W-ELCA)

Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with the recent funeral luncheons we have served.  It is a needed and important service we do.

There are 6 weeks and counting until we host the W-ELCA Synod Spring Convention at Bethany

Plans for the noon luncheon and church cleaning are being made.

Upcoming Events:

*Friday, March 1, World Day of Prayer, 1:30 at St. Paul's Catholic Church,

    New Lisbon

*Sunday, March 3, W-ELCA meets after church in the conference room.

*Monday, March 4, W-ELCA Synod Board will visit at 11:00 to plan for April 6th


*Tuesday, March 5, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 5:00-6:30

*Wednesday, March 13, first soup supper beginning at 5:00

*Friday, March 29, Women's outing to attend "Church Basement Ladies" (new production) at the CAL Center in Reedsburg.

*Saturday, April 6, W-ELCA Synod Spring Convention

A thought:  No one ever damanged their eyesight looking on the

                   brighter side of life.  anonymous





   Attention:  Bethany & Friends -

Mark your calendars!

Church Auction


on Sunday, March 31st, in Fellowship Hall -


to follow our church service

Ways you can help and/or participate:


  1. Donate 1 or 2 items - can be new or slightly used and in excellent condition (some ideas - vases, baskets, baked goods, home decor items, tools, gift certificate for a baked good or service, a basket of goodies; feel free to be creative with your donations).  
    2.  Please have donated items to church by Saturday, March 30th.  
    3.  Take a look at the items, which will be located in the Fellowship Hall, 
    and be here to bid on items that interest you.

**Monies raised will support the...

Building Mortgage Fund - with matching funds up to $5,000!


(if our Mortgage Match goal hasn't been met yet)







THANK YOU to those who chose our churches to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars...we are so grateful.



Sunday - 9 am - Worship @ Bethany

                 10:30 am - Worship @ East Lemonweir

Monday -  9 am - Adult Study

Tuesday - 9:30 am - Pastor Text Study

 Wednesday - 9 am - Quilting 

                     5 pm - Soup Supper @ Bethany

                     6:30 pm - Lenton Worship @ Bethany

Thursday - 6:30 pm AA meets @ Bethany

Friday - Pastor's Day Off 


Prayers of concern for the following:Darrell Johnson, Dawn Nelson,  Lisa (Moravek) Olson, Elwood Syverson,  Laurie Hicks, Nathan Bowen, Mary Chidester (Clara Olson's sister),   Andy Crandall, Florence Wetley,   Arlene Dresen,  Darrell Johnson,  Diane Johnson,  Ilea Heffler,  Taylor Freitag, Patty Gesler, Scott Gollmar, Keatan Joseph (Evie Hick's nephew),  Don Wetley, Dan Swinehart, Sandi Dvorak, Katie Litkea, Billie Sarnow, Aleda Bailey, Roland Raabe, Greylan,  Bev Hamm, and Marion Georgeson. 


Please pray for our members and those who serve in our armed forces:  Carly Johnson, Jasmine Benson, Justin Spaniol and Curt Lucas.







Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Annual Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2019





1. Call to Order:     Council President Keith Korbein called the meeting to order at 9:22 a.m., partway through today's worship service.


2. Adoption of the Agenda:    Karl Katuin made a motion to adopt the meeting agenda printed in the 2018 Annual Report, seconded by Greg Gollmar.  Motion passed.


3. Congregational Statistics:  A statistical report on the membership was provided in the 2018 Annual Report.  There were no questions.


4. Minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting.  Christy Toelle made a motion to approve the minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting as printed, seconded by Betty Krotzman.  Motion passed.


5. Committee Reports   and   6. Other Organizational Reports:  Greg Gollmar made a motion to approve the Committee Reports and Other Organizational Reports as printed, seconded by Karl Katuin.  Motion passed.


7. Building Fund Report   and   8. Treasurer’s Report:    One question was asked as to the remaining balance on the Building Mortgage:  The beginning balance in January 2018 was approximately $65,000, and the ending balance December 2018 was approximately $36,000.  Mark Hansen made a motion to accept both the Building Fund Report and the Treasurer’s Report as printed, seconded by Barb Parker.  Motion passed. 


9. 2019 Proposed Budget:   Notes were made on the Council’s proposed budget for 2019 printed in the Annual Report. These included that: the 70/30 split is staying the same for Bethany and East Lemonweir respectively for splitting certain shared costs, the main changes to the budget were in the areas of Pastor’s salary and expenses associated with her raise, and only very minor adjustments were made to the rest of the budget to keep the numbers more in line with actual expenses. Betty Krotzman made a motion to accept the 2019 budget as printed and presented, seconded by Christy Toelle.  Motion passed.


10. Elections:   Submitted names for nomination for the various positions open for next year were listed on the Elections 2019 page in the Annual Report.  Nominations from the floor will also be taken as the elections progress.


-Financial Secretary:    Currently, three couples share the position as Co-Financial Secretaries:  Don & Sue Powell, Mark & Debby Hansen, and Keith & Michaele Korbein.  A motion was made by Louie Lawrence to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot to keep the three couples as Co-Financial Secretaries, seconded by Galen Lingl.  Motion passed.


-Treasurer:    The nominee listed in the Annual Report was Galen Lingl.  Sarah Lawrence made a motion to nominate Michaele Korbein for Treasurer, seconded by Inger Kirkwood. Paper ballots were then passed to vote for a Treasurer. Karl Katuin and Louie Lawrence counted the votes: Michaele received 30 and Galen received 14.  Michaele Korbein will be the new Treasurer.


-Council Members:   No nominees were listed in the Annual Report for the three 3-year council positions that are open for 2019. Tim Parker, Karl Katuin and Morgan Reichhoff volunteered themselves to be placed on the ballot. Mark Hansen made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for these three people for the three open Council positions, seconded by Greg Gollmar.  Motion passed. (The new council will meet immediately following worship this morning to choose the Council's President and Vice-Presidente. At that short meeting, Mark Hansen was chosen as Council President, and Karl Katuin was chosen as Council Vice-President.)


Also, a Thank You goes to those going off council as of this meeting for their time and service on Council: Debby Hansen, Helen York and Keith Korbein as their three-year terms end today.


-Head Usher: The nominee listed in the Annual Report was John Lawrence. Greg Gollmar made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the position, seconded by Stephanie Lawrence.  Motion passed.


-Synod Assembly Voting Members:  No nominees were listed in the Annual Report.  Pastor Wendy explained that this year these Voting Members will meet the second week weekend in June.  Note that a Voting Member is to vote according to their heart during assembly meetings (whereas delegates vote according to the wishes of their congregation).  Dennis and Sheila Stark volunteered.  Mark Hansen made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the position, seconded by Christy Toelle.  Motion passed.



The nominee listed in the Annual Report was Michaele Korbein. Toni Phelps made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the Secretary’s position, seconded by Louie Lawrence.  Motion passed.


-Going back to the Financial Secretaries:  Pastor Wendy Ruetten made a motion to allow William Korbein to replace Michaele Korbein in the Financial Secretaries, seconded by Christy Toelle.  Motion passed.   


-Sugar Creek Bible Camp Delegate:   Penny Tiedt was listed in the Annual Report as the nominee. No one else volunteered, and she will be asked if she wants to continue with the position.


-Auditors:  The nominees listed in the Annual Report were Louie Lawrence and John Lawrence.   Stephanie Lawrence made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the Auditors positions, seconded by Sarah Lawrence.  Motion passed.


11. Old Business:  None.


12. New Business:   This year the focus will be on the roofing.  A wonderful generous gift was received late in December to be put in the fund toward new roofing.  The Congregation was invited to provide their input on this subject. 


Newly elected council members were then installed.


Betty Krotzman was thanked for her work in the office these past couple years. She is training Laurie Lawrence as her replacement.


13.  Adjournment:  Debby Hansen made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sarah Lawrence.  Motion passed.  This meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.


14. Benediction and Sending Hymn:


Worship then concluded with the Benediction and the Sending Hymn 


Respectfully submitted,

Michaele Korbein  





Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI

Church Council Budget Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 3, 2019



Council Members present:   Mark Hansen, Michaele Korbein, Pastor Wendy Ruetten, Shane Gesler, Barb Parker,

Toni Phelps, Kathie Means, Marcia Adams Tim Parker, Morgan Reichhoff, Karl Katuin

Council members absent:    Inger Kirkwood

1. Call to Order:  Mark called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon.

2. Devotions:  Pastor Wendy provided devotions.

3. Secretary’s Report:  January’s Council meeting minutes were published in The Beacon online and on paper and were mailed or put in church mailboxes as requested. Shane made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report, seconded by Barb; motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  The January monthly treasurer’s report for the general fund was presented and discussed. A list of upcoming bills was reviewed. The mortgage was discussed. Karl made a motion to accept the January treasurer’s report, seconded by Morgan; motion passed.

5. Pastor’s Report: Pastor noted that Laurie is working out well in the office after the training Betty provided. Also, the “contact us” button on the website doesn’t work, so this needs to be fixed -Shane will check on this.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Education:   Note that the ‘Seeds For The Parish’ publication will no longer be printed on paper as it is going electronic.  To continue receiving it, you will need to sign up online for it. 

b. Evangelism: Nothing new.

c. Long Range Planning: A fundraiser could be done with $250 seed money from Thrivent for the mortgage.

d. Property: Water is in basement corner room again.  Toilet that was leaking in women’s room was repaired.  Carpet needs to be re-glued in some places, so McKinney’s will need to be called.

e. Social Concerns: Nothing new. 

f.   Stewardship:  Funds put toward the mortgage match has reached about 67% of the $5000 goal. Thank You to all who are helping to pay off the mortgage!  Remember to write ‘Mortgage Match’ on your contribution.

g. Worship:  Special music is being considered for Easter.

7.  Old Business:

a. ”Sunshine” Committee:   Two cards were signed for Pastor to deliver.

b. Financial Computer:  Computer has not yet been purchased.  Also, Pastor did not have a spare monitor; however, Barb offered a spare that she had so we still wouldn’t need to purchase a monitor.

8. New Business:

a. Committee Assignments:  Tim and Karl will do Property. Morgan will do Stewardship. Everyone else will be continue as they were last year.

b. Announcements/Devotions Schedule:  Everyone signed up for a month to do announcements at worship and monthly meeting devotions. 

c. Email address list: Everyone listed their email address for the best way to reach them.

d. Spring Auction:  This will be after worship on Sunday, March 31 during coffee hour.  Proceeds will go to the Mortgage Match.

9. Next Meeting:   This will be March 3, 2019 at 12noon. Michaele will have devotions for that meeting, announcements for each service in March and Kwik Trip scrip cards available after worship for purchase.

10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Pastor led is in praying The Lord’s Prayer in closing. Kathie made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Karl; motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 12:26 pm.



Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein





East Lemonwier Council Meeting

February 10, 2019



President Roger Nelson called the meeting to order, and Pastor Wendy led us in prayer.  One correction noted on the secretary's minutes from January's meeting:  Marlene Pelton sent $200 to the Synod office from our World Hunger penny jar.  She did not send it to our treasurer to be sent to the Synod.  Motion to approve the corrected minutes for January's meeting made by Marlene Pelton, second by Margarete Hummelbeck; motion carried.  Our treasurer's report will be on hold until next month when Roger Pitcel will be back.


Marlene nominated Roger Nelson to be president of the council; second by Connie Wolfgram; motion carried.


We have had lots of positive feedback from the Prime Rib Dinner- people were very pleased.


Motion to adjourn by Marlene, second by Margarete; motion carried.


We closed with praying the Lord's Prayer.




                                                          Respectfully Submitted, 


Connie Wolfgram, Sec.





  Please let the office know if some one should be added to the Celebration List.  Thank you.                                                                                                                                                      




March 2019 Celebrations


Bethany Birthdays

2 Ann Sorenson

5 Sidney Schultz

10 Shirley Wehman

17 Patricia Thomas

18 Keith Korbein

30 Michael Tucker Jr.


Bethany Anniversaries




East Lemonweir Birthdays

 5 Bailey Slater

11 Bonnie Crandall

11 Karren Elsing

11 Ron Thompson

12 Amelia Svardahl

21 Sharron Groskreutz

22 Rustin Groskreutz

27 Margarete Hummelbeck

29 Dori Slater


East Lemonweir Anniversaries


31    Lars and Tanya Onsager     


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