Inger and Mike will not be able to keep Bethany sparkling for several weeks. If able, would you be willing to help for the month of May. If so contact the office. Thank you.
Bethany Lutheran
Salad Luncheon & Silent Purse Auction
Join us
For Great fellowship
Friday, June 10th
11 am - 1 pm
Bethany Fellowship Hall
Variety of Salads
Cheese, Relish and Veggie Trays
Meatballs, Cold Cuts and Cocktail Weiners
========================================================================Sundae Sunday

June 12th following Bethany service.

Sign up (on the table in the fellowship hall) to bring a topping, if you can.

Let's celebrate June Dairy month, and honor our farmers! 
East Lemonweir Lectors for May
Connie Wolfgram - May 29
East Lemonweir Lectors for June
Audrey Scholl 6/5
Dawn Nelson 6/12
Kathryn Pitcel 6/19
Jennifer Sarnow 6/26
Bethany Worship Helpers
May 29
Assisting Minister - Beth Preuss
Reader - Sheila Stark
Greeter/Coffee - Judy Zobal and Helen York
June 5
Assistant Pastor - Galen Lingl
Lector - Barb Parker
Communion Assistants 
Galen Lingl
Barb Parker
Betty Krotzman
June 12
Leader/Assistant - Mark Hansen
Lector - Debby Hansen
June 19
Assistant Pastor - Micheale Korbein
Lector - Angela Krizan
Communion Assistants
Micheale Korbein
Inger Kirkwood
Betty Krotzman
June 26
Assistant Pastor - Beth Preuss
Lector - Sheila Stark
Thank you!
Prayers of Concern 
Prayers of Health
Tammy Adams' husband, Les Steffeck
and others who are struggling with their wellness.

Prayers for military members and their families. Prayers of concern for Eastern Europe.
Please let Betty know if others should be added to our prayers.
East Lemonweir Birthdays
Kathryn Pitcel - 25
Dawn Nelson - 26
Richard Groskreutz - 29
Shari Ann Lee - 31

Bethany Anniversaries
Jon & Mary Gollmar - 25
Galen & Janenne Lingl - 28

June 2022 Celebrations

Beathany Birthdays

Kevin Klinker - 2
Toni Phelps - 2
Rosie Halverson - 4
Garry Olson - 4
Janie Bever - 8
Adele Haschke - 11
Cody Sletten - 12
John Bailey - 14
Don Powell - 15
Jack Krotzman - 15
Shane Gesler - 15
Shelby Krotzman - 16
ShyAnna Sletten - 30
East Lemonweir Birthdays
James Allen - 14
Natalie Kiel - 14
Brittany Doller - 14
Nathan Bowen - 26
Brandon Kiel - 26

Bethany Anniveraries

Kevin & Lisa Klinker - 14
Ken & Marcia Adams - 22
Karl & Peg Katuin - 23
Chris & Leah Faber - 24
Jack & Betty Krotzman - 25
 East Lemonweir Anniversaries
No Anniversaries in June. 
If you have someone to add to our celebration list, please let Betty know. You may call her at 562-3807.  Thank you.
East Lemonweir Lutheran Church
Council Meeting
April 10, 2022
President Roger Nelson called the April 10, 2022 council meeting to order at 11:30 am Sunday morning following worship.
Motion made by Kathryn Pitcel to approve the March 14, 2022 secretary's report,  second by Bill Sarnow. Motion carried.
 Motion made by Jennifer Sarnow to approve the March 2022 treasurer's reports. Second by Kathryn Pitcel. Motion carried.

Roger Nelson to check on lawn maintenance providers for the coming season. He has yet to contact Yard Effects of Elroy, WI.

Roger Nelson has met with Steve Buchmeier at our church cemetery regarding straightening some stones, and realigning others for ease of mowing.

Margarete Hummelbeck reported that the main entry-double doors need to be sanded and revarnished. Margarete also mentioned the casements of the bathroom doors need to be replaced due to water damage.

Cemetery cleanup date will be Sunday, April 24,2022 following worship. The following Sunday will be used in the event of rain on the 24th.

Marlene Pelton reported that after approximately 3 1/2 months we now have our paper copy of our Permit to Operate for the elevator.
Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Pelton, pro-tempore


Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI


Church Council Meeting Minutes


Sunday, April 3, 2022




Council Members present:   Mark Hansen, Galen Lingl, Michaele Korbein, Debby Hansen, Cindy Costello, 


Christy Toelle, Inger Kirkwood, Larry Thome, Kathie Means


Council members absent:    Betty Krotzman, Shane Gesler


Guests:  William Korbein, Keith Korbein




1.  Call to Order:  President Mark Hansen called the council meeting to order at 10:00 am 


2.  Devotions:  Galen Lingl provided devotions. 


3.  Secretary’s Report:   March 6, 2022 Council meeting minutes were presented. Galen Lingl made a motion to accept the March 6, 2022 Secretary’s Report, seconded by Christy Toelle; motion passed 9-0.


4.  Treasurer’s Report:   March’s reconciled general checking report was presented. Bills are paid and current. Roof Fund balance is $50,932.82. Kathie Means made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Debby Hansen; motion passed 9-0.


5.  Committee Reports:  


a.  Education:     --Shayna Sletten, an 8th grader, would like to be confirmed.  Mark will check into what may be needed to accomplish this. Sugar Creek Bible Camp also offers confirmation camp.  


b.  Evangelism:  --Homebound visits are continuing.  BINGO -May 22. 


c.  Long Range Planning:   --Suggestion was to have loose offering plate cash be designated to roof. 


d.  Property:   --Request to have a gutter installed to move water away from the building. Also need an extension on the front downspout to help prevent puddling. Need to remove Pastor Wendy’s name from the blue corner sign.  


e.  Social Concerns:  --Notices for collection of Health Kit items will go into the bulletin. 


f.   Stewardship:   --Offering envelopes were provided to one person who requested them. 


g.  Worship:   Reminder that after Easter worship, everyone is invited to a potluck brunch. Anyone can bring a brunch dish to pass for this, and if they can’t, they are still invited as there usually is more than enough food! Supply pastors/speakers for upcoming services are filled through May 15.  May 22 & 29 still open. For someone requesting a baptism, they should contact Betty in the office. 


6.  Old Business: 


a.  Soup Supper:   Last soup supper will be the Council’s chili supper on Wednesday April 6 from 5-6pm. 


b.  Call Committee:  Keith Korbein said good discussions are being had during these meetings.  A joint meeting of East Lemonweir and Bethany with the Bishop will be April 27 at 5:30pm at Bethany.


c.  Facebook Filming project update:  William Korbein presented an update.  The camera, 4yr protection plan, and tripod were purchased.  A cable and a video card were also purchased that were needed as discovered during testing and instructions, and he may still need one more cable.  It was tested at home to the point of almost going live on Facebook.  He could possibly go live for the April 10 service.    


7.  New Business: 


a.  Funeral protocol without a pastor:    Noted that Pastoral fees in the past were $150 to do a funeral. Discussed church fees for serving the funeral meal vs it being catered vs we just provide deserts, members vs non-members, and when no funeral home is involved.   General consensus on fees were to be same price for members or non-members, $200 for just a memorial service, or $300 for service with catered food and we do supplies, plus $50 church cleaning fee for either.  Michaele will type up for Betty.  


b.  Wa Du Shuda Days ad:  We have done this ad in the past.  The ad is $100; just need to remove Pastor Wendy’s name. Mark Hansen made a motion to approve the ad for the Wa Du Shuda Days poster, seconded by Cindy; motion passed 9/0. 


c.  Membership:  Our membership listing needs to be looked at. Pastors can be reluctant to remove people from these lists. Each church seems to do it differently.  East Lemonweir might remove people after three years of inactivity or death or transfer. Mark called the Synod office; they will check with the Bishop and get back to him.


d.  Old Leer Cooler:  The old Leer Cooler doesn’t work; someone offered to take and junk it.  Christy Toelle made a motion, seconded by Inger Kirkwood, to junk the old Leer cooler; motion passed 9/0.


e. Recent Donations:  Discussed donation made by Mary Jahnsen, one of the quilters, for $500 given as a Thank You to Bethany. Debby Hansen made a motion, seconded by Michaele Korbein, to give the $500 from Mary Jahnsen to the quilters for quilting; motion passed 9/0.  Also, a Thank You to the family of Sam Phillips for $500 for their use of the hall and church.  


f. Pastor Susan Lockman -offered to visit members:   She has offered to visit homebound members if needed.  Note that her title is Reverend instead of Pastor. 


8.  Next Meeting:   Next council meeting to May 1, 2022 after worship. Kathie to provide May devotions, announcements.


9.  Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer:  Galen Lingl made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Kathie Means; motion passed 9-0.  The Lord’s Prayer was prayed in closing.  The meeting adjourned at 10:56 a.m.




Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein





W-ELCA News   (contributed by Judy Zobal – Bethany W-ELCA President)


Many thanks to all who helped in any way with the soup suppers, whether you provided food, made food, worked, helped in some way or came to eat, your support made a difference.  




Thanks to those who were able to share their Easter flowers for our Easter church service.  They were beautiful.




Bible study this month from our Gather magazine is entitled Across the generations----One act of welcome can beget another.  As in the past, Gather editors use the month of May to consider intergenerational relationships and what Scripture says about their importance.  Several of Gather’s authors share their stories – stories of those who’ve reached out across barriers of age, race and ability to bring people together and share hospitality.  In this study we’re asked to consider our own story and the places God has led us.  One of the articles this month is entitled ‘What I’ve learned from quilters.  One quilt, one cup, one conversation at a time’. It would seem our talented quilters could relate to this article.




A reminder that Bethany has their cookbook and greeting cards available for sale.




Upcoming events:


*Sunday, April 24th, W-ELCA meets in the conference room after our church service.  Grab your coffee and a treat and join us.  


*Sunday, May 22nd, Recognition Brunch






A thought:  Seen on a church sign:  “Need a lifeguard?  Ours walks on water!”



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