April 2020

The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.

Psalm 134:18

I write these words because they bring me comfort.  Our churches have been closed, our nursing homes, small businesses.  The Coronovirus isn't just any old flu.  So for awhile we're all on lockdown and our buildings sit empty.

I'm guessing many of us feel crushed in spirit maybe even broken hearted.  We worry about our finances depsending how long this goes.  I worry about my sons and one of them is already done with his work until this passes because of where he works.

But this verse brings me comfort.  The Lord is near.  That's the beauty of our Bible.  With all of the wars and stoning and the crusifixion, the overwhelming factor in all of this is Easter.  I assure you Easter will come and we will celebrate whether it's on the right date or not!

Jesus never lets go of us.  The Father is always near.  The Spirit comes to us and reminds us that we are loved.  But I also believe we have to do our part to our fellow beings.  Please be safe, wash your hands and keep distance.

I would like to remind people that just because we're closed part of the pain for us in the church is that the bills keep coming.  So I have to say please don't forget your church.  I know these are hard times, it's still necessary to do what we can do together.  There are others who need to know that the Lord is near.  Call friends and family, use the La Crosse Area Synod to find easy access to On-Line/Radio Worship, Prayer, Study Opportunities La Crosse Area Synod.

And thank you for your prayers in all this pandemic and what it brings.  Just remember:  Psalm 134:18 "The Lord is near!"


Pr. Wendy 





Bethany Lutheran Church, New Lisbon, WI


Church Council Meeting Minutes


Sunday, May 31, 2020






Council Members present:   Mark Hansen, Michaele Korbein Tim Parker, Barb Parker, Cindy Costello,


                         Debby Hansen, Galen Lingl,


Council members absent:     Kathie Means, Karl Katuin, Don Powell, Marcia Adams, Pastor Wendy Ruetten






1. Call to Order: Mark called the council meeting to order at 12:00 pm. Council members were spread out at different tables in the fellowship hall.


2. Devotions: Cindy provided devotions.


3. Secretary’s Report: Council meeting minutes from the last meeting in March were published in The Beacon online and on paper and were mailed or put in church mailboxes as requested. Galen made a motion to accept the February Secretary’s Report, seconded by Cindy; motion passed.


4. Treasurer’s Report: Unreconciled May and reconciled April and March general checking bank account reports were presented, along with March reconciled quarterly reports on the other accounts and the breakdowns of the two savings accounts. Despite Covid-19, all bills received through today are paid due to continued offerings, as well as donations of time by the office secretary. Thank you to everyone for supporting the church during these trying times -we are very blessed!   Tim made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s reports as presented, seconded by Barb; motion passed.




5. Pastor’s Report:   --




6. Committee Reports:


a. Education:     --


b. Evangelism: The front yard/planting area was cleaned and dressed up -thank you to the Debby and Cindy for brightening up our landscape! Attendance on Facebook is encouraging and great!


c. Long Range Planning:   --


d. Property:   Water still an issue. A roof leak by a vent was repaired and shingles were re-attached. When we get back to using the church more again, new faucets will be put on the basement restroom sinks.


e. Social Concerns: Collection for Health Kits is starting. A bin will be put just inside the front entry doors for people to drop off items. A list will be posted of what is needed.


f.   Stewardship: --


g. Worship:   Mark has refined his recording of Sunday worship on his phone. He sets up recording from a tall stepladder next to a speaker for best sound quality. It’s good to see conversation on Facebook during service. Discussed having special music in upcoming online services.     


7. Old Business:


a. TV system: This is currently going in. Computer still needs to arrive and be hooked up yet.


c. New Microphone:   This is on order.




8. New Business:


a. Church Re-opening Thoughts: Mark sat in on a Zoom meeting of 84 people, including the Bishop. The Synod is being very cautious and strongly recommends churches follow the Badger Bounceback plan for re-opening. Ultimately the decision to open is to be made by each Council. Our Bethany and East Lemonweir congregants are mainly older so there is much to consider. Continued conversation included how to do communion right now via online and then when we start to re-open -more to come when that happens. There will have to be considerations made re: distancing, not having greeters before service, no singing and little speaking during, and no fellowship afterward -much of what gathering at church is all about. It was also suggested we ask how people, including Pastor, are doing as it is a stressful time for everyone.




9. Next Meeting:   July 12, 2020 at 10 a.m. Marcia is scheduled to provide devotions for that meeting.


10. Adjourn Meeting/Closing Prayer: Cindy provided the closing prayer. Galen made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tim; motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.






Respectfully submitted by Michaele Korbein






THANK YOU to those who chose our churches to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars...we are so grateful.




Sunday - 9 am -  Sunday Worship @ Bethany                

                 10:30 am -  Sunday Worship @ East Lemonweir                 

Monday -  9 am -  Adult  Bible Study                

Tuesday - 9:30 am - Pastor Text Study              

 Wednesday -  9 am -  Quilting                      

Thursday - 7 pm - AA meets @ Bethany                  

Friday -  Pastor's Day Off 



Prayers of concern for the following:  Sandi Dvorak, Darrell Johnson, Florence Wetley,    Rachel Lee, Patty Gesler, Billy Sarnow, Lloyd, Don Wetley , Elwood Syverson, Katie Litkea, Dan Swineheart, Andy Crandall, Mary Chidester(Clara's sister), Natalie Kiel, Bonnie Crandall, Ella Wayman(Marcia's Gr. Niece), Patti Thompson, Clara Olson, Brad Bever



Please pray for our members and those who serve in our armed forces:  Carly Johnson, Jasmine Benson, Justin Spaniol and Curt Lucas.





  Please let the office know if some one should be added to the Celebration List.  Thank you.                                                                                                                                                    

  June Celebrations


Bethany Birthdays

2 Kevin Klinker

2 Toni Phelps

2 Keegan Berry

4 Rosie Halverson

6 Janie Bever

11 Adele Hansen

14 John Bailey

15 John Krotzman

15 Don Powell

15 Shane Gesler

16 Shelby Krotzman

Bethany Anniversaries

 14 Kevin & Lisa Klinker

22 Ken & Marcia Adams

23 Karl & Peg Katuin

24 Chris & Leah Faber

25 John & Betty Krotzman



East Lemonweir Birthdays

2 James Allen

4 Nikole Verde

7 Natalie Kiel

14 Bjrittany Slater

16 Dianne Johnson

20 Nancy Walker

26 Nathan Bowen


East Lemonweir Anniversaries





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