Please....If you are not able to meet the following schedule, try to trade with another church member.


MARCH Worship Schedule


East Lemonweir Lectors


Kathryn Pitcel- March 27





March 27 

Micheale Korbein - Assisting Minister

Micheale Korbein - Lector

Micheale and Keith Korbein - Greeter/Usher


April 2022 Schedule


East Lemonweir Lectors


Elwood Syverson - April 3

Audrey Scholl - April 10

Connie Wolfgram - April 17

Dawn Nelson - April 24



Bethany Schedule 


 April 3

Assisting Minister - Beth Preuss

Lector - Barb Parker

Greeter - Inger Kirkwood

Communion Assistant - Inger Kirkwood, Galen Lingl, Beth Preuss


April 10

Assisting Minister - Galen Lingl

Lector - Angie Krizan

Greeter - Karl Katuin


April 17

Assisting Minister - Micheale Korbein

Lector - Sheila Stark

Greeter - Betty Krotzman

Communion Assistants - Micheale, William and Keith Korbein


April 24

Assisting Minister - Mark Hansen

Lector - Debby Hansen

Greeter - Debby Hansen


Pastor List

April 3 - Pastor Denny

April 10 - Pastor Wendell Williams

April 17 - Pastor Denny

April 24 - Mark Hansen


Please let me know if you would like to be a Greeter, Usher, Communion Assistant, Reader, etc. We love new faces and voices.

Thank you.




If you need to trade Sundays, please ask.


Coffee Host - please sign up on white board in church Narthex.








































September 26 - October 2 ~ Karl Katuin

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